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solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
Allegedly white, so clear and clean
Anointed space allotted for a sense of place
Answers the questions-what, to whom and when
Absolutely no spot, couldn't stop those painter's pen full of grace
Beautifully colored by their rational brush
Bravery and angst may both consist out of that abstract
Bitterness-inspirational expressions might include to make some blash
Better viewing too once the master piece is being construct
Captivating such attention
Culturally trades tradition
Cultivating mixed emotion
Centrally concealed attraction
attitude Behavior character
has now
a Bridge connection
created by art
or should i say?
" art By creation " on and off
a Blank canvas !**

© solEmn oaSis
my tribute to all
the poets and writers
here and outside
  @ Hello Poetry
By analogy with artists having
a blank canvas
and thus being able to do
what they want with it!

— The End —