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Joe Cole Jan 2014
Let's all climb aboard the freedom bus and leave this mad ratrace world
We will build a new world at the oceans edge free from all worries and cares
No more petrol pollution or ***** grey streets, no more tasteless plastic wrapped food
A new world of freedom, fresh air and fresh food, a world so clean and so good
If you want to be part of this brave new world then climb on the freedom bus now
Say goodbye to this mad ratrace world, say goodbye to your worries and cares
Say goodbye to your ***** grey streets, board the bus for your freedom is here
Chandre De Wet Nov 2014
running, running
closed doors
where to now
searching for a way some how

give me answers,
don't know how
or what or where or when
but hope that somehow
somebody, help me please?
can't you see I'm incomplete

looking, knocking
should i be copying
ratrace or embrace
discipline or a waste?

could it be
you just want me
to give up
shut up
look up
get up

or down on my knees
saying Jesus please
no one else can appease
or set my spirit at ease

I give this situation to you
only your hands can hold it
only you can shape it, make it into what you desire

i am merely clay
surrendering this day
wishing the old flesh away
Lord come and make me ok
or at least the way
i should be

I give up
and I give you all that I am

take me and teach me
and lead me into your way everlasting
I give up
Chandré De Wet
12 Oct 2008
betterdays Sep 2014
oh' where did those days go
those enid blyton days
when my greatest wish
was to be jo, from the famous five....

those long and glorious
of sunshine and youth.

when bikes and fresh air
whipping past your face,
was way more....
than winning the ratrace.

when the local creek
was the multiplex,
with so many different worlds on show ....
at each
new bend of the
winding, water slow.

when life was a beach
and living was carefree..

those days of watermelon
slices and orange icee's
backyard cricket....
belt it over the fence
for a six and out!!!

bbq'd sausages,
smothered in onions
and tomato sauce....
slapped on a slice,
of good white bread,
sufficed as dinner.

with a salad of course,
(if quick the salad could
be served surreptisiouly to
the local wildlife with a slip
and tilt of the paper plate)
if lucky, strawberries and
icecream to follow.

oh' those were the days,
simpler than most...
when the biggest
was in ,cadging
one more hour,
before sleeping at night.
one more chapter,
(perhaps, even two)
of adventuring
with the famous five,
before sleeping....
under the security
of  youth...
Joe Cole Jun 2014
And so on Tuesday morning I'm going to once more close the door
Me and Mollie dog are going to say goodbye
For a few sweet days in the woods
Days to sit and think beside a flickering log fire
Days spent in silence but for the sound of the birds
the breeze rustling in the leaves
A time to gather my thoughts
A time to sit and write...In daylight
Come the sinking of the sun out there to the west
That then is the time I probably love the best
I will sit and read the stories in the flickering of the flames
Think about tomorrow and the words that I will pen
Yes, yes I will write of the things that I have seen, done
The reason for my being here
Why I left the world behind
Will I miss them? Internet,  tv, microwave and shower
No, I wont miss them
Come early morning bleary eyed a cold dip in the stream
A few small logs on last nights fire then watch the kettle steam
And while the world is yet asleep I'll have eggs and bacon in the pan
How can I not sit in the splendour of this oh so pleasant land
In the background my hifi plays the music I love to hear
Hifi!!! No, its the singing of the birds
And so me and the Mollie dog do sit
In our tranquil retreat
you can live in your ratrace world
For me life is oh so sweet
HeronBlue  Mar 2018
HeronBlue Mar 2018
a bottle of merlot, half-empty
a board of chess, halfway through
chamber of a vintage colt, half-loaded
all lay before me yet i stare at the clock
intoxicated. exhausted.
for me, peace does not come dropping slow.

some lay awake as they are in love.
madly so- she on him, praying that they never fall apart.
He on michelangelo
longing to touch god in fingertips.
goodnight, mr. and ms. valentine
and all the ships at sea.

some stay awake because they work.
desperately so- for they have a lifetime of ratrace to attend to.
trapped in an eternity of mediocre intellectual confusion.
goodnight, mr. and ms. toiler
and all the ships at sea.

some cry awake the whole night.
surprisingly so- were they not "schooled" properly?
does she not know- "nothing lasts forever."
does he not know- "boys don't cry."
goodnight, mr. and ms. dolor
and all the ships at sea.

my companion is bored.
"who, then, sleeps in peace?"
time to show her the ships anchored.
we go outside in the mist and walk with ease.
and stop at the bend of the street
where a vagabond sleeps barefeet.
Sea  Jun 2018
Infinite Grace
Sea Jun 2018
Goodbye never felt so sweet
like yellow suns morphing into pink
Man, life is like a beautiful sunset
Or kissing someone you love
During the soft magical creamy light of the dawn

But I know, boy do I know
That sometimes life has those days
Where it seems like all the colors have been drained
From the flowers, from the birds, the grass, the sun
On days when you feel like the blistery night is
Most relatable
When the moon barely shines
When you feel like you tread this world alone
With tears streaming down from your eyes

But those days,
As deep down as they reach
Don't have a long trajectory
It's just, well,
I know that you are really strong
I mean, I know I don't know you
So you're shaking your head right now
And you're like,
"******* ******,
With your inspirational ****"
I mean, I know
Sometimes I overdo the sentimental

But I've been down in the pit too, okay
And some days I am just literally amazed
That I'm still living, breathing, existing
In this flesh body
I just didn't give up
Well, sometimes I didn't give up simply
Because I was too scared to hurt myself
I've learned so much,
I've grown so much
I'm different now
And I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not
Or just, well, indifferent
But I am happy to be alive

I guess I'm just more spiritual now
I really liked Taoism when I learned about it
In summer school for ninth grade history
You just go with the flow
And see where life takes you
No journeys,
No destinations
You just lay back
And enjoy
Disconnect from the ratrace
Living from a place of infinite grace.

— The End —