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ryann Aug 2014
my lady’s rockin; her eyes open wide.
she walks towards me, pulsing her body
my lady smiles like she’s got something to hide.

we kiss so long I forget which tongue is mine…
teasin me, she backs up and takes a swig.
drops the last word, smile cocked to the side.

she fronts tough, much too slow to confide.
she plays aloof, yet all her actions scream, LOVE
my lady smiles like she’s got something to hide.

pouring *** and juice, here comes the Jekyll and Hyde…
once her double Caribou Lou’s kicked in
she’ll drop that last word, **** her fist to the side.

starts ragin jealous, that’s how we came untied.

“baby, love is the opposite of control,” I say.
so then my lady smiles like she’s got something to hide
she drops the last word, ego cocked to the side
Brandon Webb  Mar 2013
Brandon Webb Mar 2013
He throws the booster seat on the carseat
and I squeeze in among all the crap.
I close the door and he floors it.
squealing through the grocery store parking lot
blaring tech n9ne.
he almost speeds into the blackberry bushes
but jerks the wheel to the right at the last second
and makes it feel like we're gonna flip end over end at every speed bump.
he take another quick turn, a left, at the end of the lot.
we turn left again at the four way, without stopping.
he speeds up more when goin up 7th
and the car starts smoking around the trailer park.
we reach my house and he burns out in the short stub of driveway.
I get out smiling,thank him, and fall into the ditch.
The can of monster falls out of my inner pocket, so I put it back,
dig myself out, close the door, which I hadn't successfully done
and walk toward the door.
they back out, almost hitting the apartment fence
and speed off toward his house.

this is a rare moment in my life,
my dad being who he is,
stupid thrills like this are few and far between
so I treasure each and every one of em
Naash  Sep 2017
Coffee table
Naash Sep 2017
My body is a beach house
And by the study room
with the view of the sea,
There is a coffee table.
All mornings have been made here.
It's a tiny piece of furniture that makes a huge part of life.
The match to the candle, and lighter to the veld fire.
There are doodles engraved on it.
They look like they could mean something,
Like how we are told not to recognize color but they turn around and tell us to tick in boxes.
Like how I'm a holy heathen who listens to the likes of Hopsin and Tech N9ne,
Like how I believe slavery is still alive but simply rephrased and concealed.
But then again, they are just doodles, who cares what they mean.
They smell the like the sunrise and bacon
Like broken hearts and virginities .
Like a shower washing off the previous night.
Like the disappointment my parents will feel when they find out who I really am.
A little girl angry at religion,
Angry at them for forcing it on me,
A little girl, angry at life.
Despite the meaninglessness of this old  scared coffee table, the devil and the angel in me sit in loving peace sipping this deadly caffeine.
Internal peace
Classy J Jul 2016
Yeah, I've rhymed about how my life aint equal or fair, and i've talked my experience living in this toxic atmosphere. A lot don't care, but problem is that I do, searching for answers to life, and wondering what I should do. Free spirit that delivers thy message onto you, so you can try to figure out the real you. I've talked about how no matter where you are on the spectrum it is flawed, and if there is even a God. I don't know I'm just broken trying to find the golden token to a free pass, and I hope for my prayers to be answered every time I get my **** out of bed to attend sunday mass. I read about so many different faiths, listening to believers even though I may not understand everything thing that they saith. But Forget it, even though I want to get it, I must accept it. I may never know why, I may never know who to believe, because humans are known to deceive. Misconceptions, propaganda, telling me to believe in their all knowing, loving, and powerful commanda.

What if we deserve the fate we've brought to this world, or maybe this is all one big simulation or dream world. I don't know man, I'm just like alice falling down the rabbit hole, I have no control, plummeting hopefully towards my goal. Am I just delirious, wondering why these deep issues make some uncomfortable or furious? Wondering what my purpose is, blackening out as if it were a surprise pop quiz. But it just is what it is, but nobody cares, how come we have to wonder why the worlds in so much disrepair? Obscure the once normal small world, restore order without invoking fear, clear the unclear and help those that are still unsure. Nature will persevere through guidance and affection, because a healthy environment provides protection to the natural selection. We don't have to stay infected by all the lie's, because it'll eat away us like we simon from the lord of the flies. Eww... but seriously think about it dude, it's just apart of what i bring to the table with my honest hitting sequel to my classy interlude.

Change your thinking, change your attitude, so that you may find oneness with yourself, so that you will no longer have a incoherent mood. Don't mind me brewing my queries and theory's, I'm just like tech n9ne because I have an evil brain and a angel heart to finish this series. Don't come near to me, for I am not thinking to clearly, nevermore will I fear thee. Flip the switch, not supposed to be here like i'm a glitch. Work hard cause I live to be the best, try to take me down but I will never rest till I **** the pest. I confess that I'm strange, rearranging my life so that I can reverse the game and trap the vermin's in the cage.  Don't know how to start, finding myself going in loops, it's like life has turned into mario kart. Trapped and compelled to speak death, because my nice side is all but deserted and i'm starting to lose my breath. Lost time and I lost patience with all these patients that don't know me, even though they say we homies, ***** you guys, you are nothing but a bunch of phoney cronies. Have a message, got to stress it, so don't mess with it, you got it? Boy you don't know anybody like me, ***** being classy, I'll shoot all you down like i'm the gosh **** KGB. 

 No freeloading from me, like I said before I'm a broken soul who just longs to be free. It's not just the government and society, even though they continually lie to me. No it's more than that, it's like this whole planet is about to have a heart attack. Polluting all the air, polluting all the clean water, wondering when humanity started to falter? It's our own d* fault though, but we don't admit to it, we just sit there fondling our *****, thinking we discrete when we doing it. That's just foolishness, whether or not you acknowledge it, at the end of the day all our deeds don't mean s*. We are no more than a misdemeanour, putting on a front, we like to think we different, even though in reality we stink more than a skunk. Oh mister Classy J you need to chill out dude, because the populous can't handle all your conniving honesty you be spitting in this second interlude. Haha fool, why do you think I care? Why do you think I would change? I warned since the beginning that I was deranged.

I will say what I have to say, I promise that I will no take your opinions to heart any day.I giving yawl a choice to listen, now it's up to you to make your own decisions. Oh right I forgot, that the society that we living in can't let us be different, otherwise we get labelled, making fun of us until we can't handle it anymore and hang ourselves with a cable. ***** all you dinguses, you think you can just say to us that we just have kiss your ****, and think that we'll pucker up because you also promised us a sucker? Oh no no no that's not how this game will go, because that is not how I roll, you pansies are so pitiful. Future has no class because of the past we left for them, because we were too greedy and needy, expecting everything in life to be crème de la crème. Truth hurts but I hope that this rap will help you see that we are all to blame, but that we can still change before it's to late to undo the outcome of this rigged game.
Such a Surge
Running round the room
Spouting with the N9ne
I am part of their crew ; )
My heat is racing
I continue the chasing
I should slow down
Wait til your back in town
I feel that draw and I am at a loss
I just can't find a flaw in your energy
You feel so **** good
I want to draw you into me
Being with you relaxes me
I am surging high and wild
Yet relaxed as a playful child
You bring me joy, I hope you know
The energy is what it is and it knows where to go
You, yourself told me so
I feel you out there
Where ever you are
Our connection is alive
Contentment with joy dew
Hello my BB
I surge with you
; )

— The End —