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Dougie Simps Dec 2013
Yeah,* (start writing)
Tell me, does this scenario seem unfair?
I wished her sweet dreams but only gave her nightmares
Maybe it's the fact that she doubted every bit of my worth!
Maybe it's the fact these insecure women only bring out my worst
Her characteristic flaws are far from heavenly sent
Sip my glory baby, allow my music to be your moments of regret
Hold on girl, promise my rise ain't done yet!
Imma drain ya heart until there ain't nothing left.
All this talent that was all EXternally formulated
Her actions made the hook
Her ******* made the whole creation
I'm plotting revenge baby, so just be patient
Angel eyes...(psh) since when the **** did they start looking like satin?
This **** right here is far from a past love song
This I'm doing me, you gon remember Doug song
Easy to judge me when the criminal was dead wrong
**** venting
When the boy is so far gone.
Take a shot for me, baby let me buy you a drink
You gunna wanna drink away those tears after you read this permanent ink
-Dougie #lostLove
Wrote this to drake new song "Trophy" I told you...I'm getting stronger. The permanent ink will never come off! IM BACK
Dougie Simps Jun 2013
He wakes up at seven but doesn't go in until eleven
Daily routine is to brush his teeth, get dressed and visits the house of heaven....funny cause his spiritual insight wasn't always so pure and right, at one point he followed the wrong path and he and god were in a fight...turned to his dark side, never the light, dropped all good people that came into his life...He chose to do bad and hang out late at night...this man was a sinner, a veteran, no beginner, he was struck a cold heart...neighbors said he was bitter, followed the wrong people, once ambitious now a quitter, this man became violent, then became a hitter.......
Stacy went out with her friends following a lie, knew she had no choice otherwise she could die...her friends hugged and kissed her only to notice she had cried...her one friend asked "stace, what the hell happen to ya eye?!...she said that she fell, yet following up another lie...Stacy was blinded by physical love so it was easy to and blue bruises up and down her thigh, as her friends asked one question and that was "why the hell you still with this guy!?" going back to that man who we find ina funk...watery eyes and blurred vision only means he's drunk...callin up Stacy to see where she gone at? She picked up and said she stepped out and would be right back. He lost his cool and in an instance snapped saying terrible things like she was a " worthless *****" and a "good for nothing piece of crap!"....something come over Stacy she couldn't take it and finally screamed back! He said "are you serious!? If you were a man...I'd be done! a ****** rap!, ya sharp tongue will only get you hurt and ******* slapped!" (hang up)
Stacy broke down...said goodbye to her friends and stormed out, feeling life's pressure of pain at its highest amount...
She closed her eyes, reached for the sky, and screamed "GOD! I'd rather die!"
"I can't take it" her hands shakin she needs to find a way! she needed strength given to her in the worst way...she glanced down at the water to see her reflection...looked at her eye and said "when the hell will I learn my lesson!?" she said "right now! I'm getting out! It's time to plant a new seed and watch new life sprout! shes ready to bloom, she can feel it coming soon...says it time to over come my fear and make a move...her phone rings and it's the same man, she looked at the ID, closed her eyes and pressed back up dropped the phone only to never see it again...the man located stacy's phone, only to see his missed messages and voicemail tone, he now gets it...Stacy finally got smart, he stared at the phone and the mans sadness over came his black heart...a sharp object feeling in his chest like a shooting dart, and said "time to change and time to restart"...till this day the man has her dead phone...10years later and he is still alone, works a simple job with an empty home and with one flower he planted a year ago, that has never bloomed, he uses these symbols as a lesson to understand..that he's done a lot of wrong in his life as an evil hoping for forgiveness he started to follow faith...hoping to cleanse his whole body of drugs & past hate...when he gets home he sits at his computer and logs onto Facebook, searching Stacy's name to see how she lives now and then for a simple look...but couldn't find her for anything
No matter what it took. A month has past and the man decides to check one last...sure enough a message in the inbox called "blast from the past" it was Stacy years later writing " dear man I could never forgive, I found you before you found me but blocked you because of what you did...simple info now I'm happily married, a CEO with four kids and I hate you with everything in me and that's just how it is..I see my scars everyday from all your hits and my final question to you unforgiven man is...has karma been near? And have you been through what I was? Living life in fear!? These questions aren't for a response, just for you to think on..I pray for you and let god take you on, Goodbye and so long"..and like that stacy was forever gone...
the man cried, broke down and couldn't believe what he put her through, knowing the past was gone and history he couldn't ever redo. Wrote her back a message heading "one last sorry to you, knew it meant nothing he still typed "P.S .....I will always love you, my sins are unforgivable and for that my heart will always stay black...I got diagnosed with cancer I guess...god has got me back. I only have a couple months to live so that is that...I'm so sorry Stacy...glad to see your doing well, goodbye and hope before time is up you write back"

Life makes the puzzles pieces come together and always has a plan, for Stacy it was painless freedom...and a lonely death for the "Unforgiving Man"
-Dougie simps
Dougie Simps Sep 2013
Ladies, not all is faith
The crystal ball is fake
Telling you it sees love in ya life
Than why you up all night crying eating on cake?
Reality you denying
Men all on the prowl
Hunting for secure type women
Objective: mentally beat them down
You gotta walk away and improve ya life now,
You got a job, a degree, you should only be proud.
Working so hard, looking so stupendous
Best qualities of a woman is her strong mind and independence
I won’t front, her hips got me standing at attention
No disrespect,
I’m just getting @ ya with a simple mention
I know ya gotta question,
Cause men rarely learn they lesson,
Treat the past as math and subtract the bull, multiply all ya blessings.
Ignore all the hate, avoid all the drama, grown girls…ya never too old to kiss ya mama.
The pain may hurt, kinda like them heels
You deserve the city lights, unconditional love that is real
Conversation turns him on, then comes *** appeal,
He kisses you slow to give you that roller coaster feel.
& her inspiration the reason why his writing got em a deal

He wants you part of his quest
Only brings out ya best
Foot rubs for the stress, light kisses to the neck,
He's your armor to the shots,
He's your push when you stop,
The missing key to your heart that you’ve kept locked.
I’m speaking to all my ladies, reaching out to all the girls...tryna be the perfect example that not ALL MEN are the same, in this misguided world.  
(Not Even CLOSE)

-Dougie Simps
continuing from girl problems 1 and still proving the woman critics wrong.
Dougie Simps Jul 2013
(Train Leaving)*
After 23 years, I finally stepped up to the mic...
Exposé my hidden messages, of a pad that holds my life...
Speaking all about my problems,
and how I tend to solve em...
a past that shows a little boy who resents the reflection of his father.
Some would call me crazy, others maybe weird..but I can't listen to your judgement since honesty is what makes things clear...I separate myself...seems alone time helps me most...a solo mind with his thoughts
Helps him write his best quotes...
An odd type of man who lives for the excitement of gods plan,
Was once a young kid, who felt the cold life in his hands...
Speaking wit permission
Causes society not to listen..
But if I create a work of art..
Will society potentially be a witness?
will they believe everything they hear on a deceiving television? (Idk)
I just Give love to the hated...
Humble down the overrated...
Bring back spirit into the potential...
Send a prayer to the outdated...*
Allow the thought of a good heart
To bring happiness and true belief
Give a helping hand to the fallen..
Don't treat others as if they are beneath..
A black pen can send a message and open up so many possibilities..
Is society truly crazy? Or do we need to learn how to embrace the little things?
Unleash a humans true ability to become "non ignorant" and turn hostility into tranquility.
I still stay prayed up, and believe in the good of humanity
I see change in faces, a flower blooming in a *** full of insanity,
And if I couldn't move, I ask...would you stop and carry me? Or would you let me die and leave me here alone?
This here is my first train of thought...and my last ride home.

- Dougie simps #lostlove
Wishful thinking
Nemo  May 2014
Nemo May 2014
came to me as subtle
as the month of May
the first month I got drunk in
the first eyes I sunk into

fell into the pattern of
fake men and false laughter
kept moving faster
towards unhappiness

choked down *****
bared invisible tattoos
of heartbreak bruises
had nothing to lose

stole my love in the
month of May
slow snowman creation
and cold infatuation

kissed my lips
with an apricot sigh
slipped me her tongue
and her burdens
and took away mine

slipped away from me
in the month of May
you know what they say
in Lostlove City
She's clever as the devil
and twice as pretty
Bo Tansky Sep 2019
Down, down, down I went
Like Alice on the rebound
Perchance, said I
Down, down, down I wept
Like Lucy in the sky
NoTime to think about it
NoTime to ask why
Is there even a shred of love
A LostLove  alibi
Quite honestly,
I’ve NoTime to cry
And if I’m being quite honest
Which I don’t know if I am
It was quite a rush, but hush
It wasn’t a wabbit I chased
Or a well into which I fell
But a feeling that I have never, ever felt
While tumbling down the back stairs
Out of a dream, it seems
I kept falling
Deeper and deeper  
I fell
Where and then and there
I thought
How unfamiliar
How dreamlike, it was
Then I paused in mid-flight
Waiting for a hammer to strike
We were so alike
Would I find
Would I find myself
On the shelf
A jar of disembodied hearts
Teetering on the high
Impossible to deny
Up there and then
a talking, out of character story
Perhaps the mad hatter
or simply mad as a hatter
am I
Which of course couldn’t be me, you see
I suppose it could be I?
Could be or not
Maybe my lie is a lie.
How much deeper could I fall
Where and then and there
Would I
How to know you know
How much deeper
Did the NotWell

Go, go, go
Said I
Before I died.
Not sure my words
Like bad little soldiers
Staying true to the moment
In time.
Means NoTime at all.
I may be the sanest person I know.
Yes, I believe that’s
Even if it’s a lie
If the shoe fits
I may have found my prince
(At the ball)
And it may not be
After all.

— The End —