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Marie  Mar 2019
Marie Mar 2019
I couldn’t imagine how fast the earth revolve around it’s orbit.
I couldn’t imagine how fast the clock rotate every seconds.
I couldn’t imagine how the darkness swallowed by the light in an instant and another day come.
I couldn’t imagine how living things survive as the earth revolve to it’s orbit and as the time keep moving on.

How I wish that the time freeze just for a moment.
I don’t want to wake up and face how cruel the reality of the world.
I want to heal the wounds of my soul.
I want to free myself in a great ruckus.

How should I rise?
How should I go forward?
Who will light my path?
Who gives me strength?

Worries always in my mind
Perhaps, I fret on every downfall
I couldn't ponder why?
I just don't know to dwell this life of mine.

— The End —