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Aseh  Dec 2012
Aseh Dec 2012
I came to the rocky shores of Greece
To stand amid the rows of stark white houses
To find your face in a mirage that spreads across
These seamless gray skies

And even though you are gone
I felt you
In the pin ****** of sand on my soles
I felt your heart
Breathing deep beneath the earth
I heard the crash
Of your head against hot metal and
I tried to stop the blood but
It seeped between the cracks
In my fingers and I shuddered
And plunged
Into the icy green foam
And my thoughts converged like clouds

I have oft wondered
Why we clutch
The calloused hands that strike us

And why our blushing cheeks lend such
Easy passageways for
Graceless tears
tayler  Dec 2013
tayler Dec 2013
psychological phantasmagoria
fun          fun          fun
near-exploding grey matter
must-needed result
why          why          why
life                            death
do good here
                  you might make it
eternal bliss: slavery
freedom, i'd rather be
Jace Albine Feb 7
Eternity goes by in the blink of an eye
When there’s nothing but darkness
The unknown scares me.

The afterdeath,
who you are,
who I am,
who I will be.

It all scares the hell out of me.

Why we all live on the planet,
why I was born.

No one has the answers
Everything in my life has unknown reasons.

human existence.
Why is there such a thing?
No one will ever know,
and it scares me.

Like I said,
the unknown scares me.
I wrote a book called ‘The Afterdeath’
With a thousand gory themes,
Of what takes place at your final breath
When you lie in your swirling dreams,
Your body hung by its fingertips
Between here and the place you go,
When the deed is done, and your race is run
Will there be no afterglow?

Will there be no afterglow, I said
With a place you can lay your head,
Up in the clouds and the stars somewhere
On a downy, cloudy bed?
To wake from the sordid human dream
That you lived, three score and ten,
Trying to make your way between
Your hopes and ambitions then.

But always thwarted, you don’t know why
For nothing would come out right,
And always hanging over your head
Are thoughts of that endless night,
That bright intelligence snuffed right out
That learning lost to the air,
Your body locked in a six foot box
In its final death despair.

I wrote of the ones who wake in dread
To the sound of the shovel’s spray,
Tipping that final dirt on you
As your coffin’s hidden away,
You thump and scream in your final dream
Kicking the bottom out,
With the coffin muffling shrieks and screams
When you want them to let you out!

It’s easy, while I am sitting here
To write of a man’s despair,
When he’s in the dark, can’t see a spark
And fighting for gasps of air,
Or maybe rather the sputtering jets
Of the crematorium,
As the box implodes and your body glows
Round your scared cerebellum?

So now that I’ve made you comfortable
Accepting your sad demise,
And the way that they will dispose of you
(Believe me, everyone lies!)
Take heart in the fact you’re not alone
That final terror will be
There at the end with everyone,
Including the author, Me!’

David Lewis Paget
Misty Meadows  Sep 2018
Misty Meadows Sep 2018
Since you're testing me, there's a
Game to be played.
First, I grab a lighter and I gotta
Have my blade.
I put the knife to your stomach
With this slight pressure made.
The blade has a shadow. Hide
Your fear within the shade.

Hide your fear away from me
Because I see it as a feast.

You were a monster to my heart,
So I'm at the belly of the beast.

With a knife and a lighter.
I could slice you with the fire.
I could split your flesh open
And strip you of desires...

All the desires of a lifetime.
You're playing with your lifeline.
You expect me to sympathize,
But *****, you on my time.

And the clock ticks slow when
There's a lot you've been through.
So use this time to pray for them
Regrets and sins too.

And don't beg or plead because
I won't give a ****.
I'm not God. When I look at you,
I just see another man.

That means we have the same
Status and get the same respect.
And after I **** you,
Tne same afterdeath.

I'm willing to meet you in
Hell for the pain you caused my

So I say a little prayer, then
Glide across you with the

— The End —