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Sara Went Sailing
Vung Tau, Vietnam   
Carrie Wentzel
21/F/PH    i become more numb each passing day. twitter: iyavillarosa_
Lawrence Wentzz
Twenty-nine Pearls
F    et je cours; je me raccroche à la vie, je me saoule avec le bruit des corps qui m’entourent
owned totwenty-three
us    years old. She was beautiful, graceful, and dignified, andLancaster felt that she would make a fitting mistress for LancasterPark; but his pulse did not beat ...
Bard van Twenthe
51/M/Bradford, UK    Bard van Twenthe is a Bard (poet of epic verse). He writes essays, and nautical tours and -texts, written as well as spoken ones. Sporadically, ...

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