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Some are cast in metal
others chipped from stone
yet more are shaped by hand in clay
what you sculpt, you own.

When your arms wrapped around me
I felt a process start
to render me defenceless
'gainst your sacred art.

I yielded to your motion
gave my skin up to the blade
had no cause to resist
the image you had made.

My essence pooled in trickles
flooding indents as you pressed
your fingertips into my flesh
there in rapture, I was blessed.

I yearned to feel the chisel
every scrape an evolution
each fetter of the holy rasp
my growing absolution.

I stand in gleaming marble
posed by you alone
forever on this pedestal
inert upon my throne.

In fatal love I slumber
and wishes are for fools
in luminescent, aching stone
naked of your tools.

Each tapping point a petal,
the slamming maul of lust
where once caressed by chisels
now I gather dust.

I dream of you approaching
to polish me anew
so I may shine in constant thanks
at being made by you.
Are "things I'll always remember"
same as "things I shall never forget"?
what's the difference, or matter,
to each and the same
I haven't forgotten them yet.

I recall with vivid intensity
the taste of salt on your skin
through the membrane of years
and the veil of distance
such thoughts are absolved of their sin.

I shall never forget, nor abstain from
recollecting the shape you once made
as you moved through my world
in effortless sweetness
and next to me quietly laid.

I shall never forget hearing my name said
by your fathomless, deepening tone
but, I shall always remember
an embrace that felt something like home.

I remember the weight of your kisses
roses burdened with raindrops, and then
a release of all meaningful reason
****, I wish I could kiss you again.

— The End —