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Lost    not wanting to be found
Chad Martin Z Natividad
Anna Vida
Los Angeles    Diary in verse
Fly Vida
"I don't want to live the high life, I'd rather live The Fly Life" ~"The Introduction: Fly Vida" Teacher, student, poet. For all my work, ...
Vida Crow
-a too tall junior who always seem to run out of time-
Vida Rootz
Brighton    An artist/poet take a look at my art
Cristina Vidal
New York City    my good-for-something "word vomit" delicately splattered across your screen
Kaye Natividad
Cavite, Philippines    Hello, to the words I left here. to the words I felt here. to the tears I shed here. and those things that still lingers.
Yoshitha Vidanagamage
Avidace Theophil
Shiela Vidal
Quezon City    They say that if you want something to be done well, do it yourself. So I follow this wise saying and would like to introduce ...
Nebraska, Omaha   
Dumas Vida-Beckwot
From the shores of the Caledon, he came limping. Seriti.
27/F    Published Author
Nicholas Karavidas
Wine Country    Born on Sunset Blvd. in L.A., there wasn't much about life for the first 12 years that was anything remotely related to agriculture....let alone vineyards ...
Christina Joy Natividad

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