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Gage D
Louisiana    Merely the poems and ramblings of an individual looking for meaning in the absolutely most irrelevant things.
Gage B
18/M/Isolated in a crowd    I became a writer because it's the only way to express what I'm feeling. Feel free to let me know what you think about what ...
Hunter Gage
oak hills high school Sophomore
Gage Kelso
USA    music has saved my life too many times to count
It's a strange world. Why not act like it?
William Gage Portland,Oregon
Gage Klein
18/M/Portland Maine    I am a young, writing, filmmaking martial artist living in Portland Maine, exploring my creative interests.
Pete Gage
72/M/Somerset    1946 Born in Paddington 1963 Alan Rook to Coltrane 1965 Haydn to Honegger 1968 "the green fuse" to "shy wings shut" 1972 Berg to Ayler ...

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