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Hunter Gage Dec 2015
We put ourselves through hell
Some hurt more than others
All in the name of love

We give our all to one person
In the pursuit of eternal happiness
All in the name of love

Over and over we devote ourselves,
to one we see as “the one”
All in the name of love

We take a gamble
not with money but with our hearts
All in the name of love

To find our eternal happiness
we crave to find “the one”
All in the name of love

We tear ourselves apart
only to pick oursleves back up to do the same
All in the name of love

Love is crazy and is hard to understand completely
but we do it
All in the name of love
Hunter Gage Dec 2015
Over the years i've had lots of pain
Being hurt
Used and abused
All for the pursuit of love
Opened up to many people
Only to be shattered to pieces
I've picked up those pieces and healed
Just to be torn apart again

But you've came along and changed my world
Saved me from all the pain I use to live with
All of a sudden the pain is gone
No more darkness
Just bright happy moments
I have you to thank for that
You are my light and my happiness
The savior darkest of my pains
  Nov 2015 Hunter Gage
Ronald J Chapman
You and I,
Traveling through endless time,
Holding on tight, to the keys of our hearts,

It seems only yesterday,
I made a vow,
To love an Angel in white,

I remember your smile, as bright as the sunshine,
When I can't sleep at night,
No matter how hard I try,

My tears won't stop,
I miss you so much,

I want to hold you today,
Because I love your beautiful memory,

After all these years,
My tears miss you so much,

Too many years have past by,
Since I held an Angel in white,
It's unfair,

Every night I dream of you,
My wife,
I will love you more than,
Anyone I meet in my life,

God parted me with you,
So very long ago,

My heart still longs for you,
I want to see you,
Before you vanish from my memories,

Waiting for you is pointless,
How can I be with you again my wife?

I feel like ending this lonely life,
Ending this pain,
Will only send me to another Hell!

Sending me away from you,
Where your love will disappear,

Suddenly I wake from a dream,
To face the day,
And the reality of life,

I need to hold on to your love,

The more I think of you,
The tears won't stop,

I will never forget you,
I love you more than life,

Eve! says stay strong,
The sunshine always comes,

Close your eyes,
I will always see you in white,
My everlasting love.

Copyright © 2015 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
[MV] Choa (AOA) - Words I Have Yet to Say Lyrics (Eng/Rom)
Hunter Gage Nov 2015
She just gets to me
Her eyes bright as day
Her smile leaves me in awe

She smiles and I become lost,
Wonder of beauty comes over me
She just gets to me

She walks strong and tall
A presence of strength and comfort
Her smile leaves me in awe

I look at her and can't help but think of fall
Her voice, an angel speaks
She just gets to me

How does one have such power over me?
Her love grabs me with a devastating claw
Her smile leaves me in awe

Lost as she speaks with angelic phrase
I really hope she stays
Her smile leaves me in awe
She just gets to me
Hunter Gage Oct 2015
She Doesn't know how I feel about her,
Her smile, her laugh, her eyes
it all blows me away
When I look at her,
it leaves me in awe on how one human being,
can be so mesmerizing
taking me and engulfing me
into a moment of beauty and wonder

She Doesn't know I sneek peeks at her
just to see her bright smile,
She Doesn’t know I adore her
from the way she crinkles her nose
to the way she laughs at stupid little things
She Doesn't know I thank god for her presence every day
because every little thing she does brightens up my day
She Doesn't know she's part of the reason I enjoy life so much
She Doesn't know I think about her when i'm alone and gloomy
She Doesn’t know the reason behind my smile,
when I look at her
She Doesn't know I constantly sit and think
aspiring to find
someone as amazing as her to call my own
She Doesn’t know how i feel about her,

…….simply because I can't find a way to tell her
Hunter Gage Sep 2015
I look into her eyes and i get lost
Sent on a journey of beauty and wonder
Blue as the sea
The biggest and brightest
None as gorgeous as hers
They’re dangerous needless to say
One look and you’re in dismay
Hunter Gage Sep 2015
Little things mean the most
Embrace and care
what’s there
it may leave your sight
into thin air
dont overlook a small kind gesture
but foster it
look at it as tiny buried treasure

— The End —