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Cain Arkay Lazarus
25/Genderqueer/California    Generally autobiographical, usually negative.
Matthew A Cain
23/M/St. Louis, Mo    What can I say about myself. I am young, full of dumb ideas bound to teach me wisdom, and full of life. I take on ...
CM Cain
Tasmania    ✖ Luci • ♀ • ♌ • Aus • Bi • Feminist • Apatheist • Amateur Poet • Fears: normality, humans & spiders.
Minneapolis, MN    Seeker of wonder Lover of travel, nature, and other cliches
Arasynya Cain
Kansas    i am a depressed girl who can't seem to find anything of interest. sorry. if you know me from twitter as cocaineclouds (illhueminati account), i ...
Jessica Cain
I'm just a small girl with big dreams. Every now and then I get the urge to write. I tend to write mostly about pain... ...
Sorrow Cain
Proxima Centauri    Hi.... I'm currently still in primary school so my poems aren't that good. I have read probably more books than my class combined, but I ...
Ronnie Feenk Christopher Cain
Orlagh L'Africain
"...and ran her clean hand through my hair, and on, over the window- sill, coffee table, rocker, desk, and held it up--I held my breath-- ...
18/F    Just an 18 year old with a lot to work through.
Every single word describes thousands of unspeakable emotions.
Vange Cain
F/Toronto    Outside of this space and time I traveled to many worlds and I've walked great lengths to collect the embellishments of the Greek goddesses whose ...
M    Have a lot I want to write and express so thought about showing everyone
Jason Cain
M/Australia    Jason Cain is a Author, Poet, Meditation Practitioner and Blogger. Read and learn about meditation, mindfulness and the cultivation of self at my blog:
Ohio    I write poetry to keep myself sane.

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