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Jessica Cain Sep 2017
Take your head off,
I'll take mine off, too.
Let us uncover our thoughts,
And smother our bodies, too.

Just spill your mind onto my lap,
Burying me in your dreams.
We can fight the Monday blues together,
Ignore all that we weather....
Just me and you..
You and me..
Just be.

We can paint a better picture,
Mold it into all that we desire...
We'll form two bodies that rest into one
And just stick it onto the shelf for all to admire.
Jessica Cain Aug 2017
Come on in,
Let us fill this room...

Exchange a few polite stares.
Your name sits on the tip of my tongue like your dinner plate at the edge of this table in front of your empty chair.

Let us sit.

The room fills with familiar you's, Never familiar scents.

I take a sip.

The water rolls around in my mouth, Distracting my lips.

I grip.

The fork feels heavy in my hand, I offered you a plate but never cooked You a meal.

Dinner has come to an end.

I put my dish aside, clean up my mess. I wish you would have made it.

I wish you the best.
Jessica Cain Aug 2017
It's a Cloud of chemicals..
Your Body craving hope,
Your Mind full of disappointments,
It's kind of cynical.

Pull me in,
Like you always do.
I'll fall apart,
Like you expect me to.
C'mon, We are only physical..

10,000 miles away,
I can still smell you.
100,000 feet above the planes,
I can still feel you.
A million faces a day,
Yours is all I see...

Just one touch,
I might crumble.
All this time away..
One kiss, and I might shatter.
Do we fall apart?
Or will we fall together?
All the pieces mirror a puzzle..
Stick me here, you there...

Then frame us to stay.

One day.
Jessica Cain Apr 2015
The ******* of my reflection has really heightened my realization...

I realize the mirror speaks volumes
To who I call on,
Reach out to,
Cling to...

Only you, mirror,
Only you who sees me...
Feels me, comforts me, loves me.

All who claim to
Dont do..
Just speak the words due.

They taunt you,
Leaving haunted a body so blue
From the holding of one's breath in hopes that love will anew...

We all are guilty.

None of us are free.
Caged like every bird sings of once or twice...

Just might...
Find freedom in reflection,
Freedom that penetrates,
Freedom that really sets us straight.
Jessica Cain Jun 2014
There's a burning desire in me
Much like the sun as it melts into the sky,  bleeding through, the moon fills my walls with shadows;
Twisting, they go;
Dancing across the walls, up the stairs, and into my bed they lie.

I coat my body with your skin,
I breathe you in hoping for a cloud of familiar scents.
I'm dancing with a stranger..
I'm dancing with danger...
Only to bury you inside me, inside him.

With every touch, push, pull,
Knowing he is not what I want, I am not what he wants, I find temporary satisfaction with this chemical reaction only to be left empty when the sun rises taking the moon, shadows, and chemicals with it.
Jessica Cain Jun 2014
You visit every once in a while,
Tickling my imagination,
Romanticizing my fantasies,
And teasing my lips.

I try to grab hold of you, make you stay, but I always lose my grip.

Never mine.

My muse, forever.

Forever craving you,
Your mind,
Your love...

Forever, I'll chase you..
In my dreams.

My muse, forever.
Jessica Cain Jun 2014
I wonder what left I took to get here,
I wonder how many rights it will take to fix it.
I've never felt so lonely.
I know I want more, need more.
I'm wandering with my hand empty, but it's becoming a heavy load.
I need someone to hold it,
To guide me,
I'm ready.
I need to go..
See, I'm a free spirit, a free soul...
But these limits are taking a toll.
So, you, come walk with me...
We can both be free.
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