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Cain Dec 2015
Perhaps the thesaurus?
Too prehistoric.
Maybe the dictionary...but
haven't you heard? No sound rhetoric.
I implore you to read it from toe to head
I'd rather read a vagrant mind instead.
I'll skip novels because I'm not well-versed
Hell, their devilish ways make me feel coerced
Like a willow in the desert cursing its thirst,
at first glance: feat of nature; at last, at its worst.
Ramblings aside, the greatest things left unsaid
are readily spared by pens and lead.
Cain Apr 2014
When dismay shifts to grey,
Congregations of dew-
though an indifference to stay
turns grey into blue.
Yet this petrichorus of raindrops
Is divine til the pain stops
Cain May 2013
A meteor you are,
earthquake from hell am I
from underground so far,
to falling from the sky.

An effort made so deep,
A vision set so high,
Your sediments shall creep
'til once more we're awry.
Cain Feb 2013
Feeling the need to trade this two for an eight
In exchange for a flush or even a straight,
I'd settle on sand; any hand, two pair;
but life on the river is seldom but fair
Cain Jan 2013
Imagine a canvas,
Holding holistic human history
If only you could picture this.

Analyze space between your fingers
Potential paintbrush placement
The world at your fingertips.

Envisage everything between your ears (then the opposite)
Encompassing ensembles elucidating egos
The composer in all of us, seeking bliss.

Everything experienced, transcended
This convoluted canvas conducive to creativity
Reminiscent of colors brooded over one last kiss.
Cain Jan 2013
Manning this vessel aimlessly
On open sea that beckons me.
Yet which direction do I set my sails?
According to the wind, if all else fails.
Alas, scar-clad from my ruthless ambition,
Longing to free my shackles of inhibition.
Wishful aspirations of self-deposition, yet
Auspicious sights arising on the horizon.
Cain Jan 2013
Tears wept like droplets beneath a faulty pipe; for the braves
A woman stranded wondering, Is this the last goodbye?
A man stood pondering petrified, contemplating his demise
An infant unable to comprehend, yet she nonetheless cries
A captain sat perplexed, These lives are jeopardized
An ocean parting waves coupled by parting waves
The horizon sits between them as an autumn sky.
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