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17/F/Outer Space    constantly day dreaming
18/The space beyond    🌸 words can move
25/F/Athens    Follow for more outrageously freeform poetry whenever the mood strikes me.
Artemis X
Shanghai    *serial entrepreneur *extravert introspecting through poetry *learning how to be ok with not having all the answers
Nestled in a mountain    In nature I rest, in nature I grow, in nature I grasp the things previously unknown.
Artemis Violet
I try to write poetry sometimes. I don't even know.
lost in a song    this is a mind dump but maybe it's pretty
Ella Artemis
melancholic artemis
a beautiful mess.
16/F/the moon    She had stars in her eyes and galaxies in her heart. Poet/dreamer lost in the clouds.
20/M/New York City    I don't think much belongs here as more than anything others label me, I am first and foremost just a mere writer.

— The End —