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  May 27 Artemis
You -
The ink that always stains,
The poison in my veins,

It's all you.
Micropoetry isn't really my thing, but I have given it a try anyways.
Artemis May 13
I breathed in her scent
Hours slip away sand like
Her face washed down with teats
Buried in my chest
We could have stayed forever
In that burning embrace.
  May 13 Artemis
Here’s your PR —
You’ve attained
Permanent residence
In my head
After five years
Of constant stay.
Five entire years.
  May 13 Artemis
There lies the abandoned park bench
We sat there a year ago

Now stained with infinite dust, rain
Pouring torrents of strange anger and

Pulsing sorrow- a heaving chest
Rising and falling , tide like crest

Certain gravity to the fall, to the fallen
(pun unintended)
Unceasing in releasing;

Dusk, dawn
Fall , rise
Black, white

Just universal polarity like
The one between you and me.

A hand to hold, a smile to crave,
A heart to feel, a love to cherish;

All now lies washed down
Dust in the rain
Solitary drops now remain.
An old feeling crept up on me.
  Apr 28 Artemis
Broken, hollowed out
I lie in a spiral of
My mind. Dead to all.
Is this a haiku?
  Apr 24 Artemis
Move my world
Make me and
Unmake me
Light up the grey of
My long abandoned

Show me
I’m still
I’m still alive;
Changes but not quite so changed. But then again, who said it had to make sense?
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