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They'll never try as hard as me and never cry as hard as me
In the hope to find that beautiful flower.
Let it pour the night before
You find yourself again
For you are the power, the will and strength.
You sought the day before tomorrow began.
your cries are heard by the unforgiving
Rolling eyes
A racing heart
An additude
This is what i gave him, them and myself
I gave myself
if only embracing our pain would mean a guaranteed happy ever after
While waiting for the end to come i enjoy my time in the sun.
Before it all starts crumbling down, i laugh like never before.
Counting the days until the finish line is  caught on my retina and i just love
hello my lover

there are a few words i´d like to share
but please
forgive me if this is something you can not bare

i have quietly been living my eventful life
but please
do not see me as some middle class trophy wife

i know my rare thoughts can forge peculiar actions that are a little hard to follow
but please
tell me in time if you will not be able to swallow

i told you of how i stamp yours truly as  dumb
but please
do not gainsay when i speak of these matters while your mouth it is that these words are from
loving is easy when you don´t know what it means
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