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22/F/United States    Vintage Soul with a Progressive Mind


Vinyl oh vinyl
Where did you go
Replaced by shiny round things
Made of what
I just don’t know

Vinyl oh vinyl
The joyous wonderful sound
Of crackling and scratching
As the needle drops down
And you slowly spin around

Vinyl oh vinyl
My beautiful childhood dream
Looking for words
Etched into the black
Really was a scream

Vinyl oh vinyl
A nostalgic thing of the past
I need to hear you
Play a song
For minutes first till last
Mateuš Conrad Jul 2018
/                you sure that there's an actual vinyl
   it's stirr-frying my testicles
back in england
   and vinyl is on the comeback?!

**** yeah!
   i tried interpreting an ancient egyptian
concept of a fanning / ***** police
for days on end...

  newspaper? no...
    saturday nespaper magazine?

              impromptu napkin


             oh **** me!
i own a vinyl sgt. peppers'...
don't really want to listen to it...
but, vinyl, within
the framework of a revival?!

   july sunday pants...

                you can fan me back and
forth, back and forth that
elongated into circular *******

finally! vinayl has a secondary,
degenerate purpose...
      fanning equippment!
spread the air...
  unless you're me
lodging a ******* imitation of
a ball-sack with
ice-cubes dangling in front of a fan:
spreading nothing,
but hot air...

   honest to god, in this weather:
the beatles' vinyl?
    means as much crock-****
as i'd really love for a
   or a...
                           wave of air...
     a bellowing bull
                      with rotten breath...

but at least we found out that
vinyl is useful afterall...
way past the newspaper...
   or a pigeon flapping,
or the comment section
that's coorporate...

       perfect flapping equipment!
disperses the air...
      like sinatra disperses
bad singers...
                   drunk and...
  'opely 'opefully on to "it".

   is that like: the dead come (back)...
and then we hit karma redemption
with reincarnation?!
   limited contra dough-dough-deep
state affairs?!
       new delhi ***
                           new york?!

no wonder i can't stop laughing
as if that could even be translated into
slavic languages!

                    you pompous
   ****** english women...
  you?! you?! you?! you want
to dictate, rules for me?!

               ******: now i want
to fight your side's resemblance of goliath!
i've petted an alsatian and a dobberman
up to the age of 8...
         i think i'll manage...
****-******* your granny's egotism
rooting for: ahmed no. 1.
Mike Hauser Apr 2020
they're beige
they're brown
lounge about town
Vinyl Recliner

you snooze
let loose
in the afternoons
Vinyl Recliner

you sweat
you stick
leave skin on it
Vinyl Recliner

they start off
with sass
but eventually crack
Vinyl Recliner

it's filled
with stuff
comes out in clumps
Vinyl Recliner

until it's
thrown out
rain soaked no doubt
Vinyl recliner
For such a stupid poem I have had the hardest time with this! First I mistakenly called it Velvet then when I corrected it I spelled Vinyl wrong! Arghhhhhhhh!!! Lol!