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I write to solidify a feeling or memory so I can remember it whenever I read my writing, and so others can hopefully feel what ...
Pineapple Isle
I'm setting my true self free
Joshua Sisler
UVA    18 and trying to catch up


surei  Aug 2010
surei Aug 2010
In this Isle
I’ve seen the rising sun
In silence and nothing aloud
It is where,
People would dine for two
Not really, this isle is mine

It’s not a gold mine
All it is, is an isle
But I wouldn’t share it with two
Other people. They’ll fall in love under the sun
Well, this is not Eden where
The “naked truth” is allowed

I wouldn’t say this aloud
But this island is mine
It’s nothing the gods would wear
As a crown, but I’ll
Not judge that because
I still love this island for two

I hope you can see this too,
But this dream is not allowed
For the young daughter and sons
In the future of mine.
Without my little imaginary isle,
Which I will not find anywhere

This isle is also where
I could find comfort, love too.
I know it’s only an isle
And you’ve heard me, aloud
And many times I said it’s mine
And also about the great and beautiful sun

The truth is, it’s never about the sun
Nor about the feeling that wouldn’t wear
It is how this island is really just mine
And no other two
Roamers in my dream would be allowed
To trespass into my private isle
*So they could find another sun for two
And leave to a place where they are allowed
This is mine, this is my isle
BabeRuth  Aug 2015
Isle of Skye
BabeRuth Aug 2015
Take me to the Isle of Skye
Where cold winds can flow through me
Freezing away my poor choices

Take me to the Isle of Skye
Where the clouds merge into blankets of comfort
Where I can rest my tired head

Take me to the Isle of Skye
Where mystery and wonder dance delicately
Enticing me to join in

Take me to the Isle of Skye
Where the musical rivers sing sweet
An enchanting melody to get lost to

Take me to the Isle of Skye
So I can merge myself into its identity
And finally let go from the cruel clutches of humanity

Take me to the Isle of Skye
To disintegrate my soul into its beauty
My words just gentle whispers in the wind

Calling home the lost souls
To the warm embraces
Of the Isle of Skye
louis rams Mar 2012
Isle of enchantment             (Puerto Rico)                  (3/15/12)

It was the  isle of enchantment where I fell in love
The isle where dreams flourish and grow
And your heart is with the one you know.
Where two hearts will become as one
Underneath the Caribbean sun.

Love is in the air and on the beach too
That is where I fell in love with you.
The isle of enchantment called PUERTO RICO
The island that you must get to know.

The beaches with their crystal clear waters
And beautiful white sands
Will make you feel as if you’re in the promised land.

How can I not be in love with you?
When you make me feel whole
How can I not be in love with you?
When you touch my inner soul.

In you hope I found- and you turned my life around
You have shown me what it is to live
And to you my love I give.
I never knew what love was before
Till you opened up that door.

The moment I held you in my arms
And kissed you passionately
Right then I knew- another one there can never be.

The isle of enchantment captured my heart and soul
And with you is where I belong.