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You want to know why?
You want to know why my scars don't mend, my heart doesn't heal, my mind doesn't forget.
It would take a million letters, a thousand breaths and a thousand heartbeats to explain.
It would take time.
Something I don't have.
Something I'll never have.
Atleast not for you.
I don't mean to diss, it's just that you are the one I miss.
It doesn't matter now, because it's too much to explain.
It would take time.
Something I don't have.
Something I'll never have.
Atleast not for you!
Ain't nobody got time for that..
I'll take a hit of you
One last time
Like I do every other day.

I'll kiss you
One more time
But you won't beg me to stay.

I'll taste the cotton
One last time
Growing inside my mouth.

I'll cough out my lungs
One last time
And there will be blood.

It was truly one last time
But it was till death do us part!
The day you start is the day you say:"I do!" and also the day you say:"Till death do us part..."
Hey,it's me!
Can you recall my name?
Can you remember me?

Hi,it's me!
The unpopular girl from school.
The one who was never cool.
The one you took for a fool.

Hello,it's me!
The girl who you said stinks.
The one who never had instinct.
The stupid one who never thinks.

Is that what you just said?
Funny cause I thought I was
After all the daughter of the help!
Treat me right i might be your boss one day!
These days religion is a business
So I just pray at home when I feel dizziness
Hey,you asking me who this is?'s ziia in the flesh
With a wishlist

I wish:
That everything could go back to normal
When giving tithe was not informal
Not men of God driving fast cars
For breakfast having TV Bars

Take me back to the time
When man did not live by bread alone
But by every word uttered
By the Lord of hosts...
Tired of false prophets
Give me silver
Give me gold
Give me that which I can hold

Give me life
Give me death
Give me all cause I am bold

Give me joy
Give me boys
Give me all that has no choice

I'm just kidding
Take it all
I'll be here when you call

Take the world
Take the fall
Have it all
But give me Jesus...
I plead for nothing but my GOD!
May we know them
Let us acknowledge the female legends
Who brought us freedom with diligence

May we raise them
Let us give birth to imperfect perfection
Whom we'll love under any condition

May we be them
Let us be the change in the lives of others
Whereas we'll be sisters,aunts and mothers

Let us make a difference
Because we are women
This is to those who rock the cradle and rule the world indirectly!
Africa is crying
For a bed and some bread
Africa is trying
To find shelter or shed
The streets are now dormant
The children now sleep
With groaning tummies
They now Rest In Peace...
To those who live in houses with no walls on the busy streets of South Africa

— The End —