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The wind is so big.
It forces so much to move
Ever so gently.
Life starts as a blank page,
Where anything and anyone
Can contribute as an author.
Gaurdians carve the page
With passion and love,
But the passion fades away
And the love can change dramatically.
Dreams subconsciously fill the page
While the media whitens them out
And corrects them as fears and nightmares.
Happiness gets erased,
Then saddness stains the page in ink.
Then that one person comes along
To address the page with love.
Paint splatters onto the paper
And colors burst over
The white out and ink.
But as time crumples the page,
The paint chips off
And your lover searches for a canvas.
You remain lost in a stack of papers
As society bleed onto the page.
Your patience wears thin,
And sparks of confusion
Start a flame of anger.
Your life burns away,
You become a pile of ashes,
And realize how little value
One piece of paper can hold.
It's soothing to listen to your heart beat
As you rest the marvelous universe that sits in your mind.
With hair so soft and a smile that spreads gently like the beauty of a butterfly,
It makes me wonder how much time god had to put into making such a master piece.
Your voice brings more peace than any mother's lullaby could possibly give their baby,
And your eyes are as deep and observant as the thoughts that flow through your mind.
I'm but a tiny bug exploring the garden that has been presented to me,
And to experience all of the wonders that lie within it would take many life times.
So i'll crawl around and be comfortably lost in this garden,
And enjoy every second exploring of it.
Insanity is built with
Tabs watered down with an unfamiliar reality,
Ounces laced with a looping escape route, and
Liquor spiked with depression.
Don't try to tell me
“Your problems won’t go away.”
Old dreams are dying and I'm left with an
Unclear path to the future.
Although the ticking of my heart
Will someday stop,
I see no limit to how long I can wait.
The journey may be long
But you will know each crossing
I have been through
To find the path that has placed me next to you.
We will walk our paths together
And find our happiness with each other.
Time will become irrelevant
Once our love has been found.
And until then I will wait,
Regardless of when the ticking will stop.
The sun opens our eyes to a fresh start

And we let the day rot.

We beat the clock demanding more time

And burn the wicks of our lives with anger.

Hope is overlooked

As our vision turns to darkness

And life without light becomes truth.

All light appears as a tease,

So we lay in the dark 

In fear of being let down.

Trapping our thoughts in negativity may be easier,

But by reaching for the light, 

We find the strength to free our souls
I awake from a dream into a nightmare.
I gain my sense of feel and rise into reality.
It's sad and gloomy to me.
It seems only in my dreams i can truly be happy.
It didnt always seem that way.
You stepped out of my life
And ripped out the dreams
From my reality.
I feel hopeless and lost.
I see my life spiraling down.
I cant find the courage to step back up
I'm forever affected from what was once your love.
Welcome to depression.
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