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Anusha Dommeti
Constantly wondering...


Alec  Dec 2017
To My Domme
Alec Dec 2017
Use me and abuse me
I love it when I’m all you see
Please be my Queen
I’ll gladly bow on my knees
Treat me like a slave
Punish me when i misbehave
Tell me that I’m nothing
While calling me at 4 am because you “want me”
Let me follow you around
I promise not to make too much sound
I want your punishment and praise
I want to wait on you hand and foot when you just want to laze.
I want you to tie me up
And tell me that I’m just your little pup
And that puppies who don’t follow the rules
And just like jesters and fools.
And need to be punished by their Queen
Until their voice is raw with screams.
Jacqe Booth Feb 2010
Little kitten
i would have your
and bristle fur
inside of you
i'd be lion
And you could scratch
and cut
and use me as your
And i would drink you
up up
my tongue my throat
vestibule in time
catching and licking and suckin
and taking you in
All fluid and raw flesh and blood
My hunger for you is feline *** canine
Bloodthirst, this urge
this roar
inside of me
for you.
Animal intent
I am your awakening,
the ache to your throb
you pulse through my veins
and i want to be taken
in your claws.

You are not submissive
and i am not Domme
but you'd melt in my paws.
Up high
Against a wall
i would carry you on my shoulders
your back against the wall
and drink and breathe and become your flesh
from within you i'd break and re-mould
and detail the design of your love
for me.

I would be your strength
a boy of flesh
of depth
of passion
of friendship
fashioned intrinsically
with love and

I can only be the only one.