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Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
This young love
This winter dream
It would seem I am the luckiest man
I hesitate to say the words
That sit safely nestled,
nursed and budding
Inside me
The words that speak of love and loving. You see I am falling
Scratch that,
Have fallen,
Am smitten
And calling
Your name
Alongside the name of love.
I love you
I am in love with you.
I am loving
So much love
For you.
This growing colour inside my heart
Is a picture
Still painting
Of you.
A masterpiece in the making.
A priceless piece of beauty tied by
An endless string of dreams.
This surreal happiness.
Nothing is as it seems.
I check myself hourly
With a pinch
To ensure I'm not dreaming
And that this
Extraordinary feeling Is real.
Upside down,
You've turned my frown
Into a smile
And I would walk
Infinite miles
To return
The love
Spill inside me.
Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
You stir a dormant bed of leaves inside me
And in your youthful breeze
They dance
a lovestruck storm
In my heart.
I skip through
The street
All smiles
And singing.
I'm swinging
On clouds
And falling carefree
Into the warm chasm
Of your soul.
All fear departs
Free falling
I wait for the soft pillowed thud
Of heart on heart.
Dancing through the street
Your voice
The rhythm that moves
My feet
The way you look at me
The melody.
Looking up
And falling down
Be warned I'm falling
Into you
Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
These feelings
Run river deep
Channeling through me
This feeling of falling
And knowing
That the impact of landing
Could not possibly compare
To the faith I have in you.
You've taken my heart
Which was Surrounded by a 12ft wall
And climbed despite your fear
To be near
To be by my side
You cracked open the vault
And are nestled
So warmly welcome inside.
You found behind the walls
My heart
Locked in a cage
And brought with you
The universal key
You have unlocked me.
With this freedom
Comes love
And with this love
Comes a smile
That stretches
A mile
Beneath my skin.
Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
Until now
I had felt a sense
Of alone
Free roam
Taking over me.
I see,
I am not one.
Rather many
And this single entity
Is plenty.
I am love.
For all my errors made
I am my own undoing
My own repair.
For every solo step taken
I dance for all.
For every crouched and howling boy,
I am tall,
An echo,
There is strength here
In this solidarity.
We, love, are one.
Together as we are alone.
Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
Tracing patterns
Breaking habits
Pulling white
Out of tall hats
Lined by tall lies.
Lacey disguise
Covered eyes
Still peeking
To see without feeling.
To run before walk
To lip closed talk
fill the room with secrets
Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
No song I could sing
No whispers in your ear
Could ever
Amount to the volume
Of language I want
To dance for you.

In me
You lit a fire
That burned through
The stagnate black
And sparked my desire.

I am pyre,
An effigy
In cheers’
to love
and loving.

I am ***** ash
And floating
No more devoting
Naked flame to
This blaze
That burned
For you.

Jacqe Booth Jul 2011
I got everything I need
Right here
All around me
Like a shadow
To my body
A paper trail
Free flowing
Behind me
S’all free
And never far.
Sitting on the edge of my tongue
Feel it in my fingertips
Light slips between
The layers of everything
I need
Knees crossed
Beside me.
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