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Caroline Dobyns
Let's not.


Josiah Israel Aug 2019
So, on the morning of his sixteenth birthday, Doby Greenhorn prepared to leave. He packed some provisions, a compass, a large box of matches, some rope, a leather bottle full of water, a little money, a sturdy walking stick and some other odds and ends his mother threw at him. And, as the poem goes…

“As I set out, in early morn, the whole world for to see,
These are the things my blessed mother, came and said to me.”

“Beware the fettered Giant, In the valley down below! Restrained by iron ringlets, near the well where lovers go…

Beware the flaxen Ferry, if you see him down the lane, he’ll offer you the world and more, but only bring you pain…

Be not dismayed by goblins if they’re out during the day, just teach them a new riddle and they’ll let you on your way.

A blackened cat upon the road will bring bad luck it’s said, unless you chase it down at once, and beat it till it’s dead!

But most important, is that song, which lures all men near… The sound like golden honey being spooned into your ear! A song which sparks that deepest longing, a sense of warmth and cheer!

The song of evil Sirens is the thing which most I fear…

So put thy hand across thy breast and make a solemn pledge, to never follow lilting tunes up to the waters edge!

And if you do, and see a maiden bathing in the sun, more beautiful then any queen that ever had been won! With eyes as green as sun bleached moss and face pleasant and fun, Who’s magic makes it quite impossible for you to run!

Then draw thy dagger from thy waist and place it to thy beating heart, and plunge that steel with all thy strength, to lay thy noble breast apart!

Far better be, to take thy life and keep thy soul embowered, then ever kiss those bitter lips and have thy flesh devoured!

For Sirens never eat the dead, and though thy blood runs ruby red, thy honor rests upon thy head, and follows thee to life after…”

”I made the pledge, and kissed her face, and off I went my path to chase! With dagger hanging from my waist… That dagger dangling at my waist… “
This is a small piece of a story I wrote, about a very unlucky boy named Doby Greenhorn.
Dana Skorvankova  Oct 2016
- Čas
Dana Skorvankova Oct 2016
"O tom, co stalo se s námi doteď
Od té doby, nevypoví čas -
Čas někdy nejde měřit časem
Ale hloubkou změn v nás,"

To, že už si neklademe
Navzájem otázky tak složité -
Znamená jen tolik, že ty prosté
Stačí zodpovědět rozvitě,

"Z toho, čeho jsme litovali kdys,
Teď umřelo již víc než dost -
Vždyť dospěli jsme v průlom,
Jenž vše proměnil to na radost,"

To, na co vzpomínáme s úsměvy,
Že jednou bolelo za slzy prolité -
Dnes už jen těžko uvěřit,
Jak věci můžou vyznít dvojitě.
Pakliže se celý dav lidí otočil
Zády k oné veliké pravdě,
Já jsem se prostě musela podívat

A než jsem se stačila otočit zpátky
Stalo se, že přešel jeden život
A to jen chvilinku jsem se zadívala
Té pravdě do očí -
John F McCullagh Sep 2014
If they weren’t in the Polo grounds, the drive was a home run..
Don Liddle served a meatball and Wertz swung and thought it gone.
But Willie Mays thought otherwise and raced towards the wall.
Improbably, impossibly, he caught Vic Wertz’s ball.
He turned to throw; his cap flew off, as Doby raced for third.
When Grisson relieved Liddle, Liddle quipped:” I got my man.”
That the Indians were dispirited you well can understand.
That inning turned the series as Cleveland didn’t score.
The Giants won that game in ten and swept the Tribe in four.
Of all who played the game that day, a precious few remain.
The man who made “The Catch” still lives; forever will his fame.
Game 1 1954 World Series, 09/29/54. The day I was born