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None Of Ya Buisness
15/M    If I'm not good at anything I might as well try


Sam  Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
What is in my head, is my buisness.
Unless I tell you, then its our buisness,
but not the buisness of those around us.
Same goes for you.
What you don't tell me, I don't need to know.
What you do tell me, Is your buisness alone.
Not hers, his, or theirs.
Your secrets are safe with me.
I've learned my lesson before.
Telling nobody, is better than telling all,
because it saves confusion in the end.
Femi  Jul 2014
The Massage
Femi Jul 2014
for you
this is buisness.

for you
I am just a job.

for you
I am just a stranger.

for me
this is personal.

for me
this is pleasure.

for me
you are a friend.

thank you for human contact
I wish your touch would never end.
Rune amergin Apr 2010
I love the way you make me feel
its as if time stops
it seems so surreal
i cant wait for the night
i can sleep by your side
if all be able to with
your heartbeat against mine.

when you played your guitar
it caught me by suprise
i laughed to myself
and then realized
i have the perfect guy
that all the girls dream of
and getting you
was not even rough

when you get upset
theres no need to apologize
or even analyze
ways you can compromise
just tell me you love me

i was always told
to second guess people
see things from different views
because they are evil
but when it comes to you
i know its unessesary
this dating buisness seemed hard
but now its preliminary