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Kenji Oct 2017
Philosophy intrigues me.
The depth is formulating.
The aspect is deriving.
My mind...
Its enticing.

Questionable thoughts and unanswered delusions.
The thought of every desire onto which I account to...
Its illusions got me fantasised.
The dilemma...
The time lapse...
The ticking clock...
Tick tock...
Tick tock...

The universe is my soul...
My soul, the universe.
May time unravel my true desires...
As I continuously ascend

**Alien goddess in a human form
MJL Mar 9
I’m here
No party
Who’s ugly?
I'm not afraid
Everything’s primitive
New baby’s old
Suckling eternity
Carrying his mother
Teaching her father
A universe of historic shame
The expanse of senseless
Grasping ignorance by the pores
Infant nails dig in and hold
Evolutions face of madness
Biding a soiled fate
Biting for more
Growing until -ism’s explode
Tears that crave change
Go forward
Moon Star Traveler
Be you
Be here with me
Recede against hate
Be one with the human race
Be one with the universe
Each generation brings us a step forward to ending intolerance.
Lizzy Jun 2016
My hands have betrayed me.
Once the means to write pages,
Now my hands are only dead weight.

My hands won't pick up a pen.
Or even type short,
Choppy sentences.

They dangle at my sides
And find refuge in my hair,
Leaving me bleeding.

Like my hands,
My mouth has declared itself
My enemy.

Once the passageway for words
To explain myself,
My mouth is now as useful as a broken bridge.

With nothing of value to say,
It talks  
And sings anyway.

It opens without my permission
But stays closed whenever I try
To scream meaning.

The inability to illustrate
Or translate my mind
And my soul
Is not an unfamiliar ordeal.

But it's lonely on the outside
And frustrating looking in.
It seems I'll always feel like an alien.
amme Oct 2018
Split personality,
I'm losing my mind.
Don't want to hear your story,
I'm busy with mine.
Not a pretty picture like Gogh,
It's an awful sight.
I'll cut you off from my ears just to avoid a fight.
Tunnel vision in a starry night.
I don't care about squares or straights I only see circles
like copyright in my line of sight.
My frequency is two-toned like morse code,
makes it hard to recite.
I've been gone for too long It's time to phone home,
I hope you copy right,
Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
I want to be an alien
I want to go beyond
See, the stars, universe like a Martians!

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
Chrissy Jan 2018
I hide behind the synthetic smile I stitched and embroidered  to my face
I smile because I don’t know what’s wrong with me
I don’t know why I’m different
I don’t know why the palms of my hands look the way they do
I don’t know why the skin on my face feels the way it does
I don’t know why my feet wander they way they do
I feel like my body isn’t mine
That like I’m foreign to this world
Like I’m alien
Alien because I don’t fit in
Alien because I stand out
Alien because my own body rejects my life essence
I smile because I don’t want them to ask questions
I don’t want them to **** and pock at me like I’m some science experiment
Or I’m broken and need fixing
I’m broken and need fixing ?
Am I broken and need fixing?
Susanna Jul 2018
I am an alien.
A being from another race.
You are not alone in the universe.
I've been sending signals toward your star cluster
For billions of years
Into the vacuum of space
With no response.
You are not alone in the universe.
There is so much possibility of knowledge.
Ruler of water
Walking on air
Antisocial Alien
She'll tell you to grow a pair

Not of this planet
She's ready to leave
Bored with human nature
Atmosphere hard to breath

Don't touch her, she's cold
Unresponsive emotions
Can't fit in your mould

Ruler of water
Floating on air
Riddled with anxiety
Life just isn't fair

A Queen, individual
Heart racing, can't breathe
She knows what she can be
She just wants to leave

Anxious Aquarius
Lady of air
Can't breath your atmosphere
And you can't reach her
Kind of rough, playing around with repeating lines and rearranging them.
Uncrowned King May 2018
You are nothing like the others
You're not the best or the worst

But all i know is,
I'm attracted to you

Every time we're on the same room
My eyes are always darting towards you

Thinking, "I have yet to know you"
But it feels like I already do

When you're near
The air becomes thicker

"It's the little things you do that makes me feel uneasy"

Just like a black hole—
Complicated but devastingly beautiful

I can't escape
I am engulfed

But the feeling can't be described
It's between peaceful and disastrous

But I'd rather have this feeling
Than to feel nothing at all
It has been a while! Hello hellopoetry!
My moon drips silver;
Gliding from its craters, flown
Across galaxies

Alien beings
Stare at its state; leaking a
Peak at what it is

But the moon's just the
Moon to us; nothing more than
A dab to the sky

How I wonder the
Way y'all see it tonight; can
You find the beauty?*

~Or is it just the moon?~
I feel sometimes I underappreciated things I never really seem to think are so incredible...
All feedback is welcome :)
Robert Ronnow Nov 2017
What luxury to get mad
about last night's basketball loss
and watch the full moon descending
at the speed the earth turns.

Things could get worse
personally and for the community.
Bombings, killings, anomie
boiling frogs and witches cursing.

The changing climate,
typhoons in the Philippines,
volcanoes and tsunamis, WWII which I missed,
Thanksgiving nor'easter, Easter twister.

What abundance to fast or feast,
yr choice, stay inside by the stove
or go outside, climb the mountainside.
Live in a city or small town.

So I raged at the coaches
for their lazy zone defense
like an alien in the bleachers
unable to affect the outcome.

When my sons came home
I yelled at them too. What opulence
to be angry about nothing of consequence
neither stopped by the cops nor slipped on the ice.
I love you so much
You mean the world to me
Together we're awesome
Me and my aliens happy
It is said there is life out of Earth,
Not just moss or some germ livin’ in filth;

There are beasts very smart in Syluthaarme,
A big rock with a vast digital farm,

Where they work not at all or too hard,
Have one ear, but three legs, walk backward,

Got one eye gazing far far away,
And complexions of more shades of gray

Than is seen here on Earth. Among the mass
Live a few who belong to no class,

But pretend that they share illusions
The less smart breeding mass envisions.

An asylum it is for the sane
In the insane’s needed stead feel the chain.
Hossein Mohammadzade
zero Nov 2017
I dreamt all my dreams away on that first night,
I spent them on you.
Mac and Bloom
Went up to the Moon

With a Spoon
In search of pretty Alien

They looked here
They looked there

No Alien was found
And time was bound

They returned to earth
Only with some dust
Let's Enjoy Childhood.
Yanamari Nov 2018
Bring it on
I will fight
Let your words loose upon my
Infant heart
Whip and whip again
Gaze at me with your
Estranged lens
Leave me to fend for myself
Let me hurt
Whether or not I shall rise again
I will be the victor
Of my end

My dreadful..

Be gentle
Show me your hand

Be gentle...
Lighten your gaze and
Uncloud your lens
Let me love you
Before the end..

For estranged
With estranged
From estranged
All these vast hallucinations,
Stirring nonsense into every word,
Until it all becomes Alien.

Driving me to the point of breaking,
All this in a single fluster,
Drawing me down into the spiraling depth.

Where laughter is only that of the devils,
Even a swift parade of his sinister grin,
Turning even the pink-tinged angel his way.

Taking even the slightest hint of uncertainty,
Twisting every burnt edge until it snaps,
Until there is no confidence left.

Wishing to find myself,
In the tipsy lands of he,
Craving to grasp the meaning of it all.

Giving in to the struggle,
I lay my down my arms,
Accepting the ever constant rip.
zebra Aug 2018
im a self describing a self
a face on a liquid surface
a plasticity
a brain
a three pound infinity
always remodeling itself
and making new copies

a copy
a copy
a copy

a massive  accumulation of copies
each a slight distortion
from it's original eminence
a history of minute alterations
all subtle deceptions

my so-called reality
a memory
a memory
a memory
a repetition pouring the self out
self corrupting the self
until it is somebody else

a fibbing shifty double-dealing soft machine
trying to remain intact
it's signature
a disjunctured awareness

my cells talk **** about each other
i'm more microbes than human
every synaptic light of the divine casting a shadowed past
a devil to the true origin
a mangled remembering
my pillar of reality
spirit from matter
not the other way around

i no longer recognize myself
am i human
or perhaps a robot
an alien
a walk in
that left the original inhabitant
to wander perplexed in a netherworld
lost and crying

or, just a bad copy
a copy
a copy
a co





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