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i've walked so many miles in your shoes -
i don't know what else to do.

you're healing in layers,
and if i could choose,
i'd walk some more miles in your shoes.
unconditional love
time to get down to it,
cause the only way out
is through it.
i'll be ******
if i get drunk

a day's escape
won't drown
the sorrow.

you say you
understand, but hell
if i know.

i'll be ******
if i wake up
wrote this 3ish years ago instead of drinking .. originally as a song but never finished it
like the *** calling the kettle black:
it takes one to know one.
everything that i want
everything that i need
is already here
or on its way to me
anhedonia and apathy ~
this retrograde is killin' me.
i hope you know
that i love you
and in doing so,
i'll put myself above you.

growing for myself,
and those around me
so i can be whole
with or without you.

you help me heal
parts of myself,
by proving you're not
like the others..

healthy love exists
cause i first found it within.
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