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you came to me in a dream last night
I touched the tips of your fingers with the tips of mine
unpacking boxes that you left behind
dusty, heavy, always nesting in my mind
 Jun 2020 Scott Hunter
Elaine Yu
I never really lost her or him
They are all in my memory
Collected like shining stars so I can count at night sky

My dear grandpas and grandmas
Come to visit me in my dream time by time
My dear parents
Waiting for me on the other side of ocean
My dear friends
Bother me sometimes like the day we met
My beloved ones
Surround me like sun and star

If one day I lost them
It must be the day I lost myself in my memory.
Like the rainy days
I can no longer see the sky
It must be the end of the world
But not today or someday
Listen to “the day I lost her”
The tree's now fleshed out
with leaves
shushing the wind's passion,
                                      'be with me'
moaning sighs to its lover
sway and stretch of torso and limbs
heart pulses
vibrating root deep
 Jun 2020 Scott Hunter
piper m
 Jun 2020 Scott Hunter
piper m
Life and death,
Are tightly bound,
Like a flashbulb going off.

Black rain fell,
Clashing with
Smoke and fire.

"You cannot escape,"
She told me.

"Even here,
Only a few people
Are not broken."
are you
broken, too?
 Jun 2020 Scott Hunter
piper m
My place is nowhere
Which is somewhere in your mind
Left behind I stand
With all the rest
Everywhere else but in your mind
Nowhere is my place
In between the lines of time
 Jun 2020 Scott Hunter
piper m
All this pent up anger comes from the blood
Between my thighs
Red will travel down my leg, staining skin and mind
Tears f
               l down my peeling cheeks
As salty as the words that leak
Out of my brain
From time to time
sharks don't only live in my ****** but also my mind
 Jun 2020 Scott Hunter
piper m
As he walks
Across an empty room
Towards me
He smells like rain
In the middle of summer
And I do not feel anything for him at all
He says that
Poets are quiet people
I don't believe him
I am no longer a poet
Only a thief
For I am louder than he has ever been
And he knows
He is a poet
Who will not say a word
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