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Malaysia    I do write.
Megan Grace
At sea.
25/M/Richmond, VA   
no one
there's not much to know about me
paper boats
allissa robbins
22/Gender Fluid/phx    i'm the grade A virginia woolf sleepy type
Daniel Farnam
I love poetry and would appreciate as much comments and criticism as possible.
24/space exploring    i wrote this all for you
Ryan Jakes
Dorset    Ex surfer, ex lover, ex scholar widower, father. Jesus doesn't love me, no one ever carried my load I'm too young to feel this old.
Texas    Elusive Violinist Buddhist Writer Curious Vietnamese/Irish Always late Unintentionally funny College kid You can find me somewhere by the sea, gliding a bow against vibrating ...
Joshua Haines
26/M/Father, Husband, Writer    Wear a mask.
Elijah Nicholas
Honolulu, HI    I will call down the fire, and then the rain.
calpurnia mockingbird
Cardiff    I work in mental health which is pretty stressful sometimes so my outpourings are my release. Please note that all works posted by me are ...
F    Can't sleep Write now
Amour de Monet
Houston    I am a wildflower you cannot hold me and shelter me under the dark roof you flourish in I need the meadows, the sky, the ...
Melina Rodriguez
Vegas.    "even though the world doesn't matter to her, she matters to the world" -David Levithan "Life is only as meaningful as you fool yourself into ...
Raj Arumugam
Australia    ..been thinking in the language of poetry and scribbling verse from as early as I can recall of my days...FLASHBACK: born naked in India in ...
Kaleidoscope Dreams
Los Angeles   
where i am now.    this is all absolute bull. i promise you.
"Before I slit your throat, I'll give you a kiss," Nezumi said softly. "You'll find out exactly how much better I am at giving farewell ...
I write under the alias Chiyo
Mostly numb
In my mind    je peux vous aime mais vous êtes tout simplement pas la peine ma chérie et je me souviens comment j'ai gardé espoir tout allait s'arranger ...
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