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We met and saw each other
We hugged and rubbed our nose
Cheek to cheek

We talked for hours
Her lips got dried and mine pale
We approached closer

face to face
lips to lips
breath to breath

She was satisfied
And I filled
Our lips wet, moist, and red
I wanted you so long
I always sang this song

You came along in autumn
I bloomed like a cherry blossom

Your presence put me in awe
I was out of all my senses

Your magnetic force
pulled me close
to your gravity of love

You smiled and came closer
I could not stop
myself to be yours

You teased me everywhere
with your fingers
we had some sweet giggles

Your lips so soft
your body so attractive
We made love
I felt that even if I die
I am still alive
The arousing emotional fiber of first love
An exhilarating love at first sight
A bittersweet painful passion
An overwhelmingly deep love
Gentle as a summer gust
Fierce and chilling as the ice cliffs
That is the way your love is to me
Universal as life itself
We should meet as if
We have never met before
Then depart as if not departed
What a mystery
One soul
Two bodies
Whispering the songs of love
Into each other’s ears
One bed
Two lovers

One pillow
Two heads
Two minds
One thought

One blanket
Two pair of legs
Two bodies
One heart

Two tongues
One kiss
Few are those who
are the mad lovers
Praising their love
in front of others
I love to kiss her leg
While placing her feet in my lap
Gently massaging them
While we wait for our food

Even before the food arrives
She whispers, I am so wet,
My beloved prince
I want just the two of us alone
Unleash your inner fire
and burn me in your passion
You know what I want
for food
To eat
Your loving touch
over my face with your fingers,
while my legs touch your cold feet,
Giving warmth to my heart.
As I come
You collect all
that comes out
and put it on your *******
And then you say,
now let me come on top,
now spread your legs.
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