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Heal my heart heal my soul
Let your spirit take control of what little there is left of me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Set me free from the strong tethers that bind me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Help me fly span the skies that beckon to me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Guide me to a land where freedom awaits me
Heal my heart heal my soul
Together let us take control of our destiny
Let us walk holding hands
Into a world that understands
Peace and harmony
Hoping to live in a world where peace and harmony exist and let the wounds heal.
today i made

a leaf

one that will not crumple
as she twist it about

it will will not stain or fade
upon this rainy day

it's made of metal
etched with lines
built to stand the the test
of time

with two sides
for all she loved

a blend so sweet
something she won't
drop at her gypsy

placed where she will surely find
and know it's the leaf of mine.
When the night is still,
She comes,
Licks the nib
And spits her words
Upon my pages.
I wake to read thoughts
I didn't know I had
But the writing
Reads like a mirror.
With shaking hands
I tear the treacherous paper.
Words born of wine
And what is best left buried.
The mirror me waits.
***** in hand.
Nothing stays buried forever.
it's a sad tale of
deep water
small boats
big waves
surrounded by liquid
dieing of thirst

of how the dull sky
and the water line are one

how the darkness never fades away
the bio in water
the stars above
they offer no solace
your death is all thats real

the creak of the gunwale
under the strain of
four hundred feet of rope
pulled taught
by the anchor
all for not

in a trance
not a chance
to make a stance
you an the boat
in the struggle
of a dance

the same line stuck in your head

"if the ocean were liqueur
an i a duck
dive to the bottom
an never come up"

of the big waves
the inky black
when i read of the kids that get lost at sea, it brings back the memory of what happened when our boat capsized 6 miles out.
how we just drifted, it was so dark, you really have to be there to know darkness without being in a cave. but darkness without touching anything.
being hit with wave after wave, never knowing when they are coming, its an emptiness that never leaves you.
Gage is so grand
a handsome young man
i can see his little wings
an halo so straight
but i think its time
for another tater to bake
so jack be quick
send her to the store
where they sell
leather n lace
that always puts a smile
on your face
an twist her thigh
with the gleen
in your eye
we all want gage a little
sweet megan sweet megan
you must play your part
jump on his lap
with all of your heart
giggle with glee
as you ride his knee
make it *****
make it hot
make ole jack
hit the right
written to a friend that needs another baby
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