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Give me a
yellow light
not knowing if I will make

Or subside to lying behind the thin white line?

Find me skidding through
the intersection,
just in the nick of time.

I like boys
like yellow lights.

Show me when caution is necessary.

too open,
I recklessly tear through the intersection.

holding me up for way too long.

So give me a yellow light
and I promise I'll happily take that chance.
Learn to love
the lies from your mother.
An illusion childhood is better than  reality.

Learn to love
the distance between you and your father,
irreconcilable differences
do not define a lack in your worth.

Learn to love
that child as your own,
she may live to destroy in the moment,
but that girl will grow.

Learn to love
the house you grew up in.
Walls are just walls
and you will escape the trauma between them.

Learn to love.
It will be better for you,
through thickness and through thin and all that crap.

Learn to love,
yourself and everything you create.
Learn to love.
Do not
Look at me
Like I am a balloon
Stuck in a tree
Labelled “Get Well Soon,”
Just for you to see.
Do not
Look to me for a sign.
I am not here
To make you feel fine.
Not at the cost of my effort and time.
If I do not
Like a gaudy yellow balloon,
Stuck between the branches of a tree
On the side of highway 59,
Don’t look to me
For a sign.
Let me be.

— The End —