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Ri-Hani Hendriks Apr 2014
Whispers in the night,
Filling your mind with trepidation and fright
Taunting you
Feeding you lies with its twisted sighs
All these monsters you hide on the inside of your mind
Are waiting
In the dark corners of your phsyche
To come and get you in your sleep
A twisted face
With twisted words
Pecking at your sanity
Like Hitchcock and one of his birds
The worst?
Its that you can't escape,
Before you were even spawned
You had sealed your fate
What did you do?
I wonder
Who's life did you plunder?
Who's daughter
Did you slander
To deserve this curse?
I can't think of a torture
That could possibly be worse
Edward Mordrake was a man alleged to have had two faces, one on the back of his head. The face was said to have a large range of expressions but it could not vocally speak. Mordrake claimed that it whispered to him at night. He commited suicide at age 23.

— The End —