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Renard Jackson Dec 2021
You say things but are you believing what you say or does it just sound good because it's more work to make it believable than to just put in words and have someone to assume it's real
Well should you know it's ******* by the way it smells
Looks are deceiving
Wondrous smiles and joyful gestures
Through the window panes judgements are likely procedures
Instincts are natural with a gutted feeling which you are inattentively in tuned
Exclusive days to dissolution nights
No warning signs poverty backgrounds got you ready for anything
Played, but this no game...
Appearance appeals what's their is only for the moment
Plan for the great not just to make
Make the best of your situations
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
Wants, are your ******* of making something good for a satisfaction of a spare desire
Embracing, the fact that your will to choose is in favor of what makes you happy
Although you Can, you are able to; determination gives you more of a basis to lack there of
Nothing, wants more for your loneliness to starve you of your excitement taunting you silence having no prospect of progress.
Hope, carrying you like a carriage summoned on a timid night through times of disparity in means to Keep Things Alive
Need, is what makes things change possessing the power to make things happen, if and when they do come together that clarity of you needed that is in suspense..
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
I love, because it suppose to be shared  thoughtless actions with intentions of forgiving
I give, with the strength in me to  stay striving while I push and squeeze alone to get
I emphasize, connecting with one feelings or forthcoming as I have perceived in my journey of happiness
I miss, encountering the unknown of beliefs which I have no understanding and no control of..
To Take is to Consume as Adapting is to Amend?
I asks, to ensure my curiosity
Of which I'm unintelligent on the subject
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
Greets with smiles and talks for awhile
Introduced with a wave, exchange of names and the seven numbers I saved
Words interest curiosity, feelings velocity, introducing atrocity.
Competitive competition companions
Falling for each other, in squabbles of long standings
Converse emotionally satisfaction is carried through guarantee with subdue
Not to be mistaken if you over think it, can be confused
Amelioration of the voice DrinkSpace
And I feel like my needs or wants send me to a dark place
Attentions got my ears wide open
Intentions of fears of this ending is what I'm hoping
Decisions made bed laid what's to sway
Can't control most feelings
But to doubt is not living
And if I'm wrong I'll be livid
I stand on that pivot
Taunting, eating at me like a tapeworm
Approaching calm but aggression is called for these terms
I wanna be heard and not linger on ever word
OH WELL flicking the bird
Another day another dollar I had it up to my neck (collar) call her
Her to the why's and what's
Know.. Don't wonder... Be sure!
Renard Jackson Dec 2021
To be missed Is a word of empathy
Taken with just a simple gesture
The logic of it all is in need of some understand
Life is to be given not taken for those are the ones whos interpretation
Is mistaken for mistakes made
Thoughts perpendicular as one life is pass to another
Money is calibrated to those of this dilution.
What's understood needs no explanation
Even though cross contamination can cause illness amongst us all
Examination is the overseer of some misunderstanding
Still, as fortress built on a good foundation
We stand for what we beloved to knowing.
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Woke up in a bliss
I ain't happy about ****
No woman to even kiss on
Let alone call on the phone
Too blister in coming home
Out putting such off in my lungs
No filtler can't hold my tongue
Just started and say she done
Too gone to make her come
Absent from absentia mysteriously mistaken as if it's too good to be true
Asking for more than I can chew
Light bill past due
Thoughts of who I could *****
Nostalgic way to take a chance
Just another to day to be a man
Ridiculed for haven't advanced
How I suppose to know how you feel
Living my life based off someone else perspective
Laughing cause it's funny, all the way to bank
Drown in your own sorrows..shht have another drink?!
To care... Or not to care
That is the ⁉️
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Different objectives,  a mixture, what have we
Life obstacles, choices,  preserving,  the questions with theologically "if you asks me"
What is the the price to pay for our mistakes?
Occupied time with our occupied minds
Childhood memories mingle
With those from the fantasy world a mindscape
You're down while standing up
Higher than a parachutist Proceeding to inhale exhale focusing in on cardio- in-need-of-rest
Fueled by the stress this gas has taken it's effect
Pay more for quantity of less
If it kills it's the best or slow your heart down from beating out your engulfed chest
You get what you pay for and you deserve what you get
So asks you shall receive to every cause there is and effect.
A life with no boundaries is life going sideways with no direction you will end up no where..
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