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Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Sank is to float as rise is to fall
Gift is to prize as celebrate is to ball
Life is a must as to crime is to criminals
Endure is to touch as to questions are subliminals
To be full it's enough as a dream is an epiphany
So trust to be fooled as we surrender to save
Are we moving forward to get back kiss *** to be in front
That's *** backwards¡
Tolerate ignorance to be smarter ones
Acceptance of the small comings and you are being the bigger man
Fly before you stand, be all you can be with no upper hand
Raise is to uplift overseeing is not to understand
Sharing is caring and it's better to give than receive
To have is to own although possession is 9/10 of the law these days
To grasp is just a moment but you have to hold on.. be what they'll say
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Vibrant, strong, pleasant
The beginning of a phenomenal period of time
Special, courteous, vigorous
Becoming evident to the mind
You brighten my sky taking away the darkness in my life
Cautious with concern of your feelings I want to be a better man for you
In a hurry to make you happy even though time is a virtue
Thinking of ways to make our life a statement of endurance
I would stop breathing if that keeps you from talking my breathe away
Infatuated with your "why" and "what's”
Prefer to accommodate your "hows" and "wants"
Intrigued by your "now's” and "don't s"
You are a phenomenal period in my time and it's becoming evident to my mind.
Accept what you have stay woke
Renard Jackson Nov 2021
Inspiration, worship, venerate
To me you are more than words can implicate
Docile, pull me away just don't lead me astray
I chose happy over horrid, to cherish over destroy it
Miles between us I tend to ignore it, cause there isn't anywhere I'll go or come to and see my feeling for you flourish
If it's an open road I'll floor it
Unfamiliar places exploited
Casting more than a net to catch this dream
Appalled by past situation defaulted her meen
I do what I say and say what I mean
A chance taken for a risk given
Reasoning for the "why" am I living
I adore you I get it....
Accept what is, life is short
Renard Jackson Nov 2020
Appeased to be accepted
Anchorage by failure
Torn by choices
Apparently indecisive of my self worth
Aquired to have feelings
Envisage always with standards
Told to be obeyed
Hollered only to be infuriating
Wondrous for the curiosity
To be enslaved to your
In paucity of examples
Without the power of speech after listening
Scared of rejection
Reflect only to what is accepted
Confused soley to ones deterrent
Detoured following the inlet
Am I suppose to stay patience
Ravishing my lost goal
I yearn to achieve set to default
Acknowledging thus aspect
To deflect your whole objective.
Feeling that you are in tuned with
Be careful than closer
Renard Jackson Aug 2020
Place Walking

Trying too hard with effortless means
Short schemes no dreams
In tunne with reailty
Trapped, to find a way out But "no pity" in my deception.
Lost, cause you have no direction
In actuality S*@% I'm screaming this my call out
Actions speaks louder than words Encouragement can't be seen
Best said as you play shall you lay. A balance beam What's your place?

Introducing what youth have is yours. Make it,  Own it!
Renard Jackson May 2020
Awhile sin truth be told you'll sin again.
But one sin shouldn't be the cause of you to lose a friend.
Although sin can be the option for you to think again
Amazement comes many hatred uplifted plenty
Trouble cause from different angles all sides from different cities.
Sins make it hard for you to trust any
Played to weigh not seeing straight
Staright-up I ain't going no way
If you condem the sin well who sent ya
Pledge to to please the mental to make it simple
We was all damaged before we enter
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