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Reilly Threseaa Dec 2014
I was totally doing the whole "Dear John" thing where I look at the big bright moon in the sky hoping to have you looking at it to. In all honesty, that's what everyone does. They turn their boring, unlucky, tragic love stories into a Nicholas Sparks book, or relate to one at least. That's what I have crippled down too. I'm so desperately in love with you that I will stare at this half moon on this dark winter night and hope and pray and beg to God that your staring at it too. The downfall of my own writing of my own Nicholas Sparks book is that you are with her. At this very moment while I am staring up at this vast, daring, dark sky...your with her. In love with this girl that I so wish was me. Even though the sky is so dark and gloomy there is one thing that I know will give me hope. That is the bright crescent shape star illuminating the sky. That's my hope. Every time I look at it I know there is a silver chance of us being us. That is all I need , and all I need is you. Your my moon.

— The End —