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 Jun 2019 Realeboga M
 Jun 2019 Realeboga M
you've been stuck in that cage for so long
you forgot what it's like to be out there
fresh air hurts your lungs
but you don't want to get back inside
it was cruel and lonely
you almost forgot to speak
you almost forgot to feel
there was no one to torture you but yourself
means no one to save you, too

you were so scared to let anybody in
cause you have swallowed the key
now someone knocks on the door
asking for a favor from you for you
 Jun 2019 Realeboga M
Aslam M
Why Build it
When we will  
not walk on it.
 Jun 2019 Realeboga M
Drown me in every last drop of your essence.
Let me feel your energy rushing over me
surging like a river through my veins.
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