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6.8k · Sep 2014
Strings on a guitar
Raven Sep 2014
I touched the edge of your fingers, feeling the rough calluses against your skin
Play me a tune by Muse between the strings of your guitar
Light me a smoke and I could return the favor with a gentle kiss
As the moon got brighter and the sky got darker the kisses were rough like the calluses on your finger tips
We stayed up listening to every band made possible
32,000 songs barely made it through fifty before we left each other breathless and fulfilled as are fingers slid past one another leaving the last touch on your calloused guitar finger tips...
5.8k · Sep 2017
Raven Sep 2017
read this slowly
in the intent to feel as though
your big toe stands on top of the highest peak
and attempt to spin
sweeping the air
and you are allowed to smile as wide as the sky above
and you may grasp the blades that make your shoulders
feeling safe,
you might feel alone.
4.5k · Nov 2014
Raven Nov 2014
They asked,
"what superhero do you want to be?"
And I replied,
"I already am my own...the one with invisibility"
In other words I am completely nothing
2.8k · Mar 2017
Mother Earth
Raven Mar 2017
When the sky has molded over in pollution and our shoes get
stuck in the swamps
the Earth will still bless us with forgiveness
fully knowing we did this
We let the tides consume our dissatisfaction
but they still let us swim naked in them
Our rain forests losing family one by one
they have eyes you know
they see you, you know
we're killing our air supply
we use them disgracefully yet they still lay low
covering your head when the rain decides to give the soil a drop of purity
An unrequited love this world is
and the evil it implodes us with, is the anger
it has been waiting to emerge
Can you blame her...
giving us a piece of what years of us not caring tastes like
She, the woman in blue, emerald hair as long as the rivers may flow
tried to show the world magnificent sunsets and
mountain tops peeking out of the clouds and
the ocean as vast as the desert land
and the animals
we must let them be
the intelligence they withhold, the beauty they bellow
yet we do not give gratitude
we do not clean up our messes
we live in our pristine houses
drawing the curtains
She, this Earth, this Woman has brought us life and we have kicked it aside
We have forgotten to love
and it's bigger than you think.
2.5k · Nov 2014
Unicorns and Rainbows
Raven Nov 2014
Where do the unicorns go after you’ve pulled out their hearts and
stolen their souls?
Where do the fairies go when their wings are ripped off and their fairy
dust has spilled?
Where does the magic go once all the truth and reality
is revealed?
I hope I never know, because I don't want these wonders to ever leave my silly imagination.
2.4k · Jun 2017
You Are an Oasis
Raven Jun 2017
Witness to eyes that don't fall on me -- bury me into Egyptian sand and
let the mirage spin me into oblivion.
2.3k · Jan 2014
Raven Jan 2014
An imagination can take you far, past the clouds and beyond the stars. But no matter what fantasy you let your mind go to, the world will just never satisfy all of you.
1.3k · Feb 2014
They don't understand
Raven Feb 2014
Lock me in again
So overprotective
Not like I have anymore problems do deal with
I've done things you said not to do
Hurting inside but you never have a **** clue
Your own daughter washed out in the ocean blue
Let me go my own way
I don't want to stay
You're keeping me from figuring life out
My unsteady feet are still nailed to the ground
But it's not only you two
It's everyone else
The boys, the girls, and the people I once felt
a love towards, a longing for
Stopping me from letting go
Finding a place I can call my home
Always in the way
Slowing down my pace
I'm just stuck in a mess
That you all started
1.3k · Jan 2015
Raven Jan 2015
I'm not being selfish
just a little bit jealous
and a little surprised
you can't see it in your
own friends eyes
that when you talk about him
and he looks at you
I get a little terrified he likes you too
so take your paws off
stop digging your claws in
you're making me nervous
and a little bit jealous
but now he has your number
so have fun
me and him are now over
Not a great poem, but whatever
1.2k · May 2014
Far away
Raven May 2014
Here, take my bag of bones and burn them
Make me disappear
Without a trace
Of my existence
You won't miss me when I'm gone
Just admit it
I'm not wrong
Bury me alive
So I can live in darkness
Just for a little while
Until my lungs fill up with blackness
And my cuts are sealed with dirt
And all I'll see is darkness
No more living in hurt
And they say and do things
That slide off my shoulder
But day after day
Those things become boulders
That block my path
from moving forward
So I must break away
Run away
Stay away
And hopefully never return
1.2k · Nov 2013
Raven Nov 2013
She hurts everyday
Doesn't show it
Doesn't try to get help
Put's it off
Every single day,
wakes up to a new scar
Still doesn't get help
She has opportunities
But won't take it
Little by little
Throwing herself away
Still won't get help
Talk to us
Everyone around you wants to help
If you just let them
Doesn't think we care
We do
But still hurts every single day
1.1k · Jul 2017
Raven Jul 2017
Oh, the love of my life, I have thrown away…

Out of heartbreak and shame,
do I write about the guilt and my single regret?
Do I write about my sorrows and attempt to explain?
Do I cry out our memories, will my heart ever return to your chest?

Oh, the love of my life, has left me…

The cold on my tile floor
Fulfills me
It’s you I implore

For now...

I must love a life without you.
1.1k · Nov 2016
Standing Rock
Raven Nov 2016
We run with flames in our hearts
in our hands
in our voices
in the lands,
We stand on the rocks letting people know that
we are here
that we don't stand for us
that we stand for them
we've—been here
we've—slept here
we've—loved the soil
every inch of its worth—here.
And to think that we'd step off our Rock, now?
For every one of us that They knock down
They exude monsters out of the cracks in Their teeth
laughter roars
money pours
They've created unspeakable wars
Let us be.
1.1k · Jul 2014
Just for Today
Raven Jul 2014
I wrote a story all in my head, a song and a poem I do dread
For it took me to place I don't want to see
Because it makes me feel loss and loneliness.
Letting my mind wonder to a place of beauty,
but in the end I watch tears of horror

I'm stuck today.
Nothing but a horrible disaster
I'm taking turns right then left
Searching for a little bit of sunlight

I won't be stuck tomorrow
I know.
But I'll grieve at my sadness just for today
I'll run inside my head
Moving all that's in my way
Running inside this mindless video game
980 · Dec 2014
Swimming pools
Raven Dec 2014
I'm throwing stones into swimming pools making ripples in your pupils. I'm that poor pebble that drowns in your dark eyes. And you'll find me there crying at the bottom. Maybe you'll dive in and scoop me up, finding the light that shines within me. Or maybe you'll toss me aside with the other sad stones and wait for another to jump into your swimming pool.
933 · Nov 2015
In the night
Raven Nov 2015
A lonely lamppost  
it waits for the trains to wave hello
Night approaches
out scurry the roaches from under the drains
how gloomy the night is
the lamp still shines  
the moths are small
they cling to the light
anther train passes
car after car
graffiti spewed at the sides
what a lonely night
the whistle, it sings and the smoke arises
filling the sky with more darkness
It's dim now and frigid
the lamppost flickers
it rattles
the last train for the night
there is goes on the rickety tracks past the light
the lamppost soon burns out
tonight grows still
897 · Mar 2017
The Otherside
Raven Mar 2017
Does the crimson rose grow through my heart now...
Will it crumble on top of my gravestone
Will it lose its pedals after I have breathed upon it
I can't sustain it.
I've chatted with the trees, they've held me. My grandpa did the same. though I will never remember.
I rest my head on the damp moss, as i laid my cheek on his. against my ear.
I only hear the worms moving on by
living the simplest of lives
I must say, I've never been so curious of the other side
Ironically, that's what keeps me going
I'm saving the last piece of chocolate on the shelf for when my heart is to finally bleed
889 · Jan 2017
The Pan Am Smiles
Raven Jan 2017
What does it mean to be fake?
To cake on the make-
our eyes nod
judging simply
but step back
Us girls tearing off the hair that should just stay there
lathering up our bodies in vanilla bean lotion
to smell...well, fake.
Deception, Man-ipulation
It's not psychotic, just how we survive
When men stand like brick walls
Hiding insecurities
so when you picture fake
see beyond the
fake nails
fake hair
fake eyelashes
fake feelings
it's the way we cough out lies pretending to be sick
the food we consume
the cars we value more than her, him, who? Anybody
just somebody say what you are thinking already!
The phones we use to walk through photos of moments
it's all fake
and then you must take the time to ask yourself,
What is real?
The flap of a monarch butterflies wings
the breeze in winter nights
making noses red
and toes numb
the cracks in your fingers
and the creases forming on your face
picture this.
870 · Dec 2015
when winter comes
Raven Dec 2015
The worst part of winter
is my heart keeps getting colder and colder
and I can't feel a thing
860 · Jan 2016
In Nature
Raven Jan 2016
She drew her arms out to the crowd
the creatures pulled her in
Simply beauty, make no sound
the forest is seen within

Trees stood high
the yellow birds flew
She stared at the life
and the wild woods grew
850 · Jan 2015
Ghost town
Raven Jan 2015
She'd wipe words from her cherry lips
with a crumpled napkin just before
she spoke
Silence is isolation when all she hears
is noise
Anxiety is a tragedy withholding
her own self
She has no poise
and confidence doesn't come easily
when she's stranded in society
846 · Mar 2014
Take the pain
Raven Mar 2014
As I watch your colors fade
I shed a tear to wash them away
To help you vanish
To help you not feel a thing
Because I'll be here to take the pain
When all hope is lost
And you're in vain
So don't run from the world
You won't get far
I'll be here to take your place
When life's too hard
And you can come back
When you're okay
But I will be here to take your pain
808 · Mar 2017
The play
Raven Mar 2017
The earth lays on a turtles back—
and the stars are hung up by invisible string
blending into the background
and the humans act everyday
the red of the sun ends the show
and the gods applaud
behind the curtains of blood!
798 · Nov 2015
Raven Nov 2015
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me
but you hurt me
with all the words that pour out of your mouth
not one was what I wanted to hear
yet all of them seemed to please everyone else
you can wrap your shins up in cowboy boots and top it off with a hat
but you are not brave enough to bestride something beautiful
only because it is more powerful than you
you are weak
but somehow the lack of words you shot at me
tortured my mind
and the rest
were meaningless
778 · Feb 2017
Raven Feb 2017
When our glasses clinked by the fire and we smoked ***** cigarettes
like the 1950's
we were real classy
Tapping the ashes
we burnt our problems
Slapping laughter into each other
we forgot about how the mornings would feel
how are hearts felt
I knew we were headed nowhere
stuck in the bottle
so we threw our fine wine into the fire
and walked away.
772 · Nov 2014
Raven Nov 2014
I have so many words
I want to throw at you
I want you to feel them
hit you like they hit me,
in the stomach causing all my butterflies for you to fly away
leaving me with an endless
stomach ache
of hurt
756 · Jul 2015
Sunny days
Raven Jul 2015
Remember when optimism was the norm?
And the kids were outside in the green
And the news didn’t make you blue
And the sun was used as medication for the depression
Yeah, me neither.
I got bothered by the bold.
  Crumbled by the confident.  
And finally devoured by the demons.
The sun never did shine bright enough to find me in the dying grass.
749 · Dec 2014
No shoes
Raven Dec 2014
She'd tell me how she walked
      on dirt
        touched bark with bare hands

So I stepped outside without shoes, just feet
and was disgusted
...all I felt was concrete
745 · Mar 2014
Take me down
Raven Mar 2014
You take a hold of the only strength I have left
Then rip it away to make me weak
Just like that
I fall back
       ­                        again, and again, and again
734 · Sep 2015
Raven Sep 2015
The knot untied, I slipped down and my feet sat on the cold floor
It must have changed it's mind
It must have realized I had more to offer, more to say, less to suffer
I walked on the ocean floor, but the waves soon carried me ashore
They must have found my heart under the sand, thought I would be useful on this saddened land, still floating by in the great wind
I wanted to be gone, not beneath the ground but gone in between the trees, tucked under the eagles wings
The storm never quits the brawling with me
I am pushed, I am threatened, I am made never to let be, but some how always the nightmare lets me free
727 · Oct 2015
Raven Oct 2015
I held your words because they meant something.
I never smelt the scent of lies that withered through them.
Your heart.
it was kind, it was simple
Your words.
they were just words
Your care
it loved me for a moment
i see your hand prints on my skin
in nightly dreams
when there was a time
i was filled with the happiness you created before me
but you are just a body that doesn't fit with mine
and the words that spill from your mouth
they were just your words
715 · Apr 2015
Raven Apr 2015
he is poisonous like cyanide
his voice is like an angels
mixed with the devils
so beautiful and pristine
the way he strums the guitar
like a music machine
pulled me under the sound of his song
letting me drown in between piano keys
he slicks back his hair, with those perfect hands
then plays a rock and roll tune once again
703 · Nov 2013
Raven Nov 2013
In the past you were broken
I didn't understand how much pain you were in
I didn't want to believe it
That you were hurting all the time and trying not to show it
Taking pills and cutting just to erase each day
Finally telling someone what you did
You've changed so much since the years have past
It's like those depressing times were never here
I'm glad you've changed and are on the right track
You keep pushing forward and never look back
700 · May 2014
Raven May 2014
I've fallen, fallen so deep
trying to pull myself back out
Out of this cave
I've hid myself in
I went to far down the tunnel
I'm lost in complete pitch dark
I bump into walls
trip and fall
Just trying but I fail
And what's worse I'm not even in a cave
This is just my life
And there's no one to blame
No one to blame
but myself
695 · Mar 2017
What's up there in space?
Raven Mar 2017
I'm asking too many questions,
but not the right ones for a human connection.
687 · Feb 2017
Raven Feb 2017
dancing in my head
we are masters at living beautifully
creating unity

Fill my lungs up with your love
Cheesy as it is, I love the way your smile pulls and replaces the stars
out of the sky and stabs me in my blue eyes
Yeah love is a ****** mess

You’re the wolf, I the Raven
We play, we chase, and we steal each other’s hearts—
Like shuffling cards, like go fishing for my heart
In a sea of too many geeks, too many freaks, fakes
Baking up cupcakes to lure you in
Fishing you in with the bait

Darling, I may sew my mouth up shut
But I see what should never be hidden
Hear more than I’d like
And I smell the magic tucked under your tongue

I imagine
You and I
Dangling our feet over the cliff of a roaring waterfall
Our thoughts carried off

You won’t always get me, I won’t always get you
But as humans do, we tie ourselves up in silly string
Pulling strings
Pulling our bodies closer

Loving you isn’t hard
But untying what we have is
You're right, I'm left—to be
twisted up like headphones knotting in a pocket
I’ll be wrapped in your arms until the greedy pull us apart
647 · Nov 2015
Our end
Raven Nov 2015
The world is ending
You said “close your eyes“
I shut them
I saw the reflection of the burning sun in your pupils
It was the end
The fire crashed over us and we melted into each other’s hearts
...I woke up a little girl again
And my small hands touched the grass that we laid on in our Indian summer days
You said I had the most prettiest eyes
Frankly that just wasn't enough for you
I plucked the grass from the dirt
and you helped me make flower bracelets for the both of us
That was then
blown to bits by the multiplying thoughts of breaking us apart
but little one there are many steps you'll have to take
before you step on the shoes of another traveler
so I keep walking against the fire
and you walk back into the field of flames
640 · Sep 2015
We were happy
Raven Sep 2015
I slid into your hands
you cradled me
and I was happy
You buried your smile in my hair
I held you
and you were happy
Then you dropped me
but I grabbed on
still wanting you closer
I let go of your finger tips
falling down a pit of memories
swirling and crashing at my heart
Did you ever give yourself the chance to breathe my air
look through my eyes
Did you ever truly see me
my face was blank
my voice stayed silent
but did you ever think to try hard enough to truly find me
where were the soft hands
asking if I was okay
where were the calming eyes
telling me I was safe
Where in the midst of it all did I lose you
637 · Oct 2014
Life repeating itself
Raven Oct 2014
Your hands fall
on the sides
of your hips
and a sigh
rolls out of
your mouth
You run through
lines you wished
you had said
but the script
as it comes
to an end
You wait for
silver pebbles
to be thrown
up at your window
but all you get
are the naked
tree branches
whacking the
glass in the storm
You wait for the
warmth of someone
else to come up
behind you and
hold you close
but all you get
is a damp
rain coat
So your cold
hands fall
again and
your face begins
to drip into a sad
puddle of numbness
635 · Nov 2014
Raven Nov 2014
I'm sick of always feeling cold and alone
And my body is tired of being tortured to the bone
I'm tired of sleepless nights and tears in my eyes
*...and I know most of us are some nights
633 · Mar 2017
who cares
Raven Mar 2017
You don't have to explain yourself
Justify yourself
Refine yourself
Talk to the moon if you must
Share your secrets with the stars
You're allowed to say
whatever you may please
And write every word that pops out of your mouth
when you lay on the
comfort of your bed
Who cares!
Not your pen
Not the birds who are heading home
Not the creatures who creep way down deep on the ocean floor
Not the sea shell you hold up to you ear
They're all just listening,
not judging, but accepting
and applauding
Through your journey and theirs
629 · Nov 2016
Sugar high
Raven Nov 2016
Sweet sugar sprinkled on me
i taste the past and chew on the last straw
you and i have sour mouths when we twist our words together
strangle me with the ability you have left
a silenced goodbye
a ghost
placing chocolate chips on dirt trails one by one
follow me—without seeing me.
one by one slide them down your throat
popping pills is easy
but our heads never stopped to breathe
taste the good and the bad times.
there is only time
618 · Dec 2013
Raven Dec 2013
Take me to a place
where my mind gets lost in thoughts
Not bad one but good ones
Where I can take away the pain
Let it wash out by the rain
Tumble down the drain
And never get back into my head
Never make me dread
What's coming next

What will happen in the future
Will everything I wish for come true
I lost what I had
What I wanted
Erased from the page
Emotionally caged
It's cutting like a blade
A sword through my chest
I still try my best
To keep on going
Doing what I'm doing
Hold in all the memories till they fade out
Will you still be around
To be the missing puzzle piece I've found
Or will it all crash down
On me
On everything
That I've built to get here
Will it someday be fine
Will you someday be mine
617 · Oct 2015
lost in the days
Raven Oct 2015
One day the sky will darken more than it has
each hour will make you numb and we turn into zombies
because day after day we die from sadness
lost in a city full of noise
the place you call home is just a place to stay
No adventure
No beauty  
you may breathe, but you aren't living
You may watch your child grow
grow tall while you get old
I would tell you to sail a boat across the seven seas, but you would stare
stare at me in confusion
you don't understand a life of freedom
No one seems to.
You will watch the rain slide down your window
would you consider running
would you take me with you
and finally get it
life is a maze
but i dare you to get lost
don't follow the map, follow your feet
you will sit in traffic
watch the news
eat your salads, then stuff pizza down your throats
you will wake up again
                 ­                           again
But never enjoy yourself with the world
tip over the genie in a bottle and spill out your wishes
Maybe one will fall into my cupped hands
And say freedom
609 · Dec 2015
Raven Dec 2015
they seem to find ways to claw through my skin
when i'm tired enough already giving advice to myself...
how can I give my words to you too?
when my mind drowns in chaos
i fill the water in bottles and my feelings fall in with it
the thought of someone holding your hand every step of the day
sitting on park benches just to be with you
slipping off your shoes when you're too drunk to function
kissing your forehead when it's time to fall asleep
and pouring your heart out into their ears
finding people who are truly there for you
are hard to find when you only have time to be there for yourself
606 · Dec 2014
Raven Dec 2014
We live in a world where the only thing good about tomorrow
is that we get to sleep before we get there,
hoping to die in our dreams
582 · Aug 2014
Raven Aug 2014
His hands scraped upon my leg
as he desperately seeks for closure
but I see drool dripping from his mouth like a begging dog
and roll my eyes at the way he talks so passionately about himself
I guess I was fooled once again.
578 · Mar 2017
Raven Mar 2017
They boiled my bones in a crock ***
They hung me up by my two back legs
and left me to dry over bloodied graves.

They put me in the fridge for days then slapped me
on a table made for six and they prayed around me,
thanking me for my sacrifice
I never sacrificed anything.

They caught me and watched me
suffocate between rusty lines of rope, slicing my fragile fins
They put me in a fish tank, while huge eyes tapped at my face
and called me cute, though I could barely take a breath.

They stuffed me in a cage full of other sufferers
taking us out one by one,
skinning our coats for their own.

Just profit.
Just a quick bite.
572 · Nov 2016
x marks the introvert
Raven Nov 2016
I stand on extrovert ground
just existing
Invite me, interest me, indulge
into what you're saying
exerting incapable amounts of speech
Where's the exit when I need it.
569 · May 2014
Raven May 2014
All untold
All kept inside
A little, small s e c r e t
Told a lie
And as it was whispered
Right through the lips
Carried by the air
Blown in the wind
Right through their ears
Right out their mouth
The s e c r e t once kept inside
Has now begun to sprout
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