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Sep 13 · 222
The Formula
Corporate greed + 1000 money making schemes x
0 (thoughtful musicality) = 0 originality ...
Copyright September 13 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Sep 7 · 197
Alpha and Omega ..
Life began well nourished after breaking the fertile ground
Patriots shouldered their rifles in crisp salutation
Soldiers joyously gathered around , Marching bands played-
musical testimonials , the sound carried throughout-
every town
The Apple Tree was Liberty
She grew strong an bore the fruit of Freedom
The citizens selfishly gorged on every bountiful harvest
Day upon day , Year after year till one day when-
the spoils of government could not be reached ...
Her bounty died on the vine , rotted then fell to the earth
In a fit of megalomania, bureaucratic fertilizer exalted her to reach the Heavens but she was so denied ..
Aloof and deaf to the clamor and pain of her citizens
In her dying day she lay felled by the keepers sworn to-                  
her defense , now a page in history on the wrongs of nationalistic -government , the "Star of the Grove" with all her promise and good intent came and went with a painful end ...
Copyright September 2 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
In a magic workshop where new notes inch down -
an assembly line , silver haired conductors dressed to the nines
Receiving value from pipe smoking wooden timekeepers , hauled to a staff and gently placed on or between its lot in life  
A rhyme in the morn , a song in the night
A ditty to ease the mourners pity
A score to the poor , tones for the bones
Reckless jazz , a rags pizzaz
A country boy croons , Piedmont blues by-
the light of a Harvest moon ....
Cacklin' hens , morning wrens
Afternoon rains , songbird lanes ......
Copyright August 31, 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 30 · 55
Restaurant Bums ...
The annoying , scraggly gent without hope in his-
eyes could very well be Jesus in disguise ..
Copyright by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved August , 2021
Aug 29 · 136
A rattlesnake is a gentleman ,
unlike a politician who's ill intent-
is never announced in advance of-
his wrongdoing ...
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 25 · 135
No Fires To Tend ..
Stormy days and squeaky rockers
A crucial L&M over a rolling thunder -
Johnnie Walker Red tickles the throat and cleans-
'the closet' ..
Old garb folded , put in its place
Dress right dress
Nothing to do but watch the others run life's race ..
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 24 · 55
Biscuit ..
There once was a hound named Biscuit
He seemed to move from one part of Palmetto to the-
other in an instant
Although the garbagemen were his prime fellows he was known to travel by patrol car or would stealthy trod green , late night chilled-    
rail line and meadow..
He oft rested at the door of city hall
Loved a good game of tackle football
He was the only family member allowed on my fathers -
couch , held the honorary title of second in command in -
our tiny house ...
His 5:00 am bark alerted every canine around to join -
him in his take on the blues
To this day I can still see his tracks to town in the morning-
dew ...
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 24 · 37
Dove Days ..
Autumn millet whirling in the dove days
On September morns the prize will graze
Sharp black powder and rolling earth
Family and friendship
Afternoon revelry and mirth ...
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Aug 23 · 341
A 70's turbulent , monkey *** , ' lovers forever ' -
doomed summer romance is now 'a smile' that my better half cannot-understand ...
Copyright August 23 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 22 · 193
Tom T. Hall RIP
A wren at the window was telling me the news
He's waving to every songster along -
the way
Whistling a song and a rhyme on a perfect day
Scribbling a write in his new hideaway
Inviting his friends and elders to come out--
and play ....
Copyright August ,2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 21 · 56
An August Night ..
At the witching hour , behold , crepuscular scores-
of power and passion are scorned -
A dower belonging to the -
hopeless and the forlorn
A lovers electricity feeding-
jilted circuitry ...
Quickening skin ..
Wetted lips ...
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 11 · 54
Georgia 2021 ...
Magnolia , honeysuckle and Cherokee roses-
hide the aroma of gun powder & mace ...
Yet , wisteria tinged with the odor of burning-
structures leaves an undeniable taste ..
The cheers for her professional sports teams housed-
in grandiose stadiums drowns out gunfire -
in poverty ravaged neighborhoods ...
Airliners bound for Atlanta sail high above -
the call for justice , equality & mercy                                                  
At the behest of the Almighty a lonely cropper took his last , hard breath beside an Ellijay apple tree , a laborer in Valdosta , a mechanic -in Albany
Their physicality cracked from years -                                                    
of pain and toil neath the unforgiving Georgia-
sun , councilors , legislatures & sheriffs woefully resist modernity in the midst of public desperation ..
Deaf ears to small town minority halls of worship begging tolerance , -
brotherhood & civility
Behind her facade of beauty , pecan orchards & peach trees-
lies the ****** robe of humanity
Unsung heroes vying for shared liberty....
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 10 · 28
The Blame Game ..
All the churches lock their doors today
Canned biscuits replace the old fashioned -
Fast food joints line the parkway
The gas stations stopped giving prizes away
Once proud whitewashed homes are tinged -
in gray
God ****** communist ....
Copyright August 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 10 · 21
Kelleytown Sunset ..
A familiar star...
The first pinprick of light -
to enhance the coming night ..
My kinsfolk wait in golden clouds
Your son's weathered hands caress the crackling cornfields
Ears with mastery of the dove and the whippoorwill ...
Copyright August ,2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 9 · 37
Helens Lair ...
Where the supernatural plot , scheme and-
Where the Devils soldiers howl , laugh and annoy
Where the wanton distant sound of trumpets are heard-
in the midnight hour
Her name is Helen
She flustered the sails of Magellan
Mortally confused trader caravans on the -
Saharan desert
Spun the compass of Hillary for fun
Emptied the magazine of a freedom fighters-
She dabbles in pain and sorcery
Trills a fiddle high atop a Locust Tree
She fools the unknowing with a smile an
a hug then mashes your corpse like
a garden slug ...
Copyright August , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Aug 5 · 45
A Poets Depression ..
Defining the crossroads of mankind in a medium of guilt ...
Copyright July , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Aug 5 · 214
Midnight Needs ..
A feather pen with an endless supply of ink
The secret extension for my 'forever on call shrink'
Copious cups of java
A skeleton key to open the mind of Whitman
A workable plan for my poetic missions ...
Copyright By Randolph L Wilson -July 2021 * All Rights Reserved
Aug 5 · 44
Vernal Choirs ..
When Father Sunshine sleepily slips away
I reach to the corner of the earth and pull the-
veil over another day
A punctual Jay sings of the joys of May
In honor of gourmet feast , acorn and berry ,-
Dancing under the boxelder
A ballet with kindred spirits atop pleasant , Hill-
Country hay
The musicians ode to jovial eves , red clay lanes , -
the rest till morrow , the creak of the vanes and warm Spring-
ways ....
Copyright July , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 3 · 39
Old Schoolers ..
Some folks are waiting on the perfect wave
The one their parents talked about
The big fish neath the boat that stirred -
the anglers red hot imagination
A lost Sasquatch in the midnight hour crying -
out supplication
The return of their gods in the nick of -
time , a bag of notes without rhythm or-
rhyme ..
The greenest grass the eye can handle
The calming flame of a 'forever candle ' ..
Copyright July , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Resrved
Aug 1 · 479
The Domino Effect...
The young will shade their fallen progeny
The land traveller is halted by the sea
Revolution will eventually fill every street ..
Copyright July , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jul 29 · 37
My Guitar Formula..
Any evening during the last ten days of October
On a clear night from a porch chair
Face the East , swear upon the lair of the-
long departed and the forgotten
Beg for the ministry of the Delta Ghost
The Twelve Tones , the demonic host
Break the seal on a bottle of scotch
Pour a quarter cup into a white coffee -
Add a half dollar piece , a steak knife , a -
metal fingerpick
Cover the offering with a handkerchief
Turn out the light
Search the heavens with all your might
Let the concoction be , may the sound of -
the thrush , whippoorwill or cicada alert thee ..
Remove the linen covering the ' chalice '
Dip your pick whilst the light remains dim
Play on a whim
Play in the light
Play on any dark and dreary night ...
Copyright by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Country hamlets filled with sweet barbecue smoke ,
wisteria and the perfume of afternoon rain
Steamy lanes , chattering 'grays' ,
Red clover pastures bordering city byways ...
Copyright July , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jul 26 · 221
Eraser ..
If life was an Etch-a-Sketch
Hard memories could be quickly erased
Backgrounds replaced with -
mountain vistas , gulf waters-
blue lakes , whirling snowflakes-
Cherry trees and sweet dreams ...
Copyright July , 2021 byRandolph L Wilson *All rights reserved
Jul 26 · 47
I was taught to understand the wail of Jones and Owens -
The cry of the fiddle , Hank telling it right ,
the Opry on Saturday night
The necessity of a front porch
Steel toed boots , sun tea and sassafras root                                             A late night swing for two 'neath a bustling oak
Coonhound companions and old school-
We learned to catch our own minnows 'n
fry our own slabs
Sunday dinners turned into afternoon naps
Grief and gain walked hand in hand
Someday my body's corruption will be turned to sand
Left to blow across this hallowed land ...
Copyright July , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
I peered upward into a thousand colored shapes-
Bathed in a cool living pond
The Bells of Heaven mingled with the-
tones of this raging fountain
Jesus Christ surely stood above this waterfall
So be it ...
Copyright July 18 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jul 21 · 54
Tye the Warbler ...
Tye recalls the reflections of Autumn
Heavens mottled blues , windswept cattle-
ponds , dancing grass sprinkled with wildflowers-
of every size and color , morning glory sun shower
The inspiration of late November , bare hardwoods crowned
in mistletoe , fiery sunsets , gravel byways , meandering brooks ,
braying country hounds , storm racked aerials ...

Quick sips from Port Lake
The blackberry feast of Summer
Aromatic pine , cool downy carpets of-
springtide hay
Dragonflies whirl then glide to earth
The afternoon drummers of Spring
The Dance of the Hedgerows
Curtains of life sweep the genteel trees , filling every plain
A culled pasture receiving her churning sustenance
Ra's rain song so delivered ...

She is a child holding artwork with stick-
figurines , crimson roses and smiling sunshine
Tye lies still like a portrait to be before bounding away from-
tree to tree , bathed in creations gleam , loving
musical phrases , industrious and free ...
Copyright July , 2021 By Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
You can turn the sound of a busy highway into -
the oceans final destination
A saw into a rare tropical bird calling from the thick -
Indonesian canopy
Air brakes releasing become a noble Brahma-
warrior guarding his minions
Revved engines are motorboats sailing the African -
river wilderness
An afternoon cup of coffee with Walt Whitman
A lively front porch chat with Martin Luther King
Tucked into bed by  " The Angels " ...
Copyright July 18 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Jul 16 · 35
After Breakfast Treat
About a half handful o' chaw to start the workday-
will give your mind a little tingle
Make the morning brighter and keep your-
vocal cords on idle ...
Copyright July 2021 by Randolph L Wilson --*All Rights Reserved
Jul 15 · 364
Born Anew
Someday you'll truly awaken
Not tethered to air , land or sky  
Your physical delights on Earth
enjoined into ocean , woodland stream-
and mountain ..
Drawn to the music of creation
Forevermore ..
Copyright July , 2021 byRandolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Jun 14 · 28
Two O'clock Fury ..
Two o'clock shower
Steamy asphalt avenues
Songbirds criss- cross wetted grass-
and June wildflowers
Hedgerows reveal their hidden diamonds
Rain drop ballads
Ditches have become a churning-
river deep in some faraway jungle
Explorers fighting to stay afloat
Longing for home
Caterpillars trying to avoid the Thrashers
Mother Bluebirds leery of a ****** high-
Shimmering glass pastures beckon famished dove ..
Copyright June ,2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Am I playing the guitar or is the guitar playing me ?
Copyright May 9 , 2021 byRandolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
May 9 · 42
I began to walk the right of way
A doe rose and darted across the red clay
A hawk gave away his battle station
Crows alerted the occupants of Hill Country with --
great articulation
Tall grass bowed before mistletoe and ivy upon oak
North wind tinged in field smoke                                                             Should I hang a weathered parka on the daylight moon
Maybe a prayer for the warmth of June
Start a cedar fueled conflagration in honor of -
third platoon
Alert the aliens of Europa of the galactic news
My chillbain and madness are close friends
A dastardly , hopeful , midnight skywatcher
Loyal to the very end
This cylindrcal eye of wonder
Plotting possibilities in astronomical -
Connecting dots , casting lots
Secured in the whispering hallways of the mind
Tranquility , fame , planetary games

Recede from hostility
Moor this understood warrior
Copyright May 9 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
May 9 · 33
I should put my embattled theories to the test
The whispers of jasmine and honeysuckle -
invite a poet to rest in hillside hamlets , raptured in the diamond showered throes of Spring ..
Copyright May 9 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson **All Rights Reserved
Mar 17 · 59
March Lake Morning ...
Port Wood's Godhead breached the jealous -
Shards of pure design restored the pang of -
Tik -tok from a red bellied sentry
Water explosions from unknown entities
Morning dance from Mother Heron
Whitetails revealed in burning fog
Killdeer , nuthatch and jays work her
trembling bog ...
Copyright March 16 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
"The placid lakes are filled with the tears of those-
in mourning
The rolling oceans are the turbulent , healing answer-
of a benevolent God in wind sprayed glory" ....
Copyright March 6 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Jan 30 · 117
Mady Blue Jay ...
A little Mady bird caught the sun ,
having forsaken her nest then revelled in the-
new morn
Dreams of sunflower fields and wisteria ,
bumble bees and sweet corn ...
Oak arbors sprinkled with tinsel
Pungent , turned earth laden with -
sweetgrass , kernel and lentil ...

Sing a song of powder blue ventures
Proud announcments from the tip of -
fragrant magnolias
Scolding her contemporaries draped in water oak-
sanctity                                                    ­                                            
Nestled in mistletoe
Pious morning adventures ...
Copyright Janurary 29 , 2021 byRandolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jan 30 · 123
Looking West ...
Foraging whitetails
Fastidious dove
A lavender sunset with-
a new moon above ...
Copyright Janurary 28 , 2021 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jan 29 · 242
Winter Sun ...
A wintertide timid sun shines green along the stacked pine
In myirad hues agin some lonesome fenceline
Sparkle red clay beside the hardwood borders
Keep a writers flicker of thought in apple pie order ...

Pull the bucket mouths to the surface
See shad tremble , darting and nervous
Caste the shadow of a stately heron
Paint the colors of Spring at the behest of Hill Country's
songbird clarion...
Copyright Janurary 28 , 2021 byRandolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved
Do the aliens read the twinkling ,
sunny sea
Do the stingrays fly out of the ocean -
blue just for me
Was the syrup on my flapjacks harvested-
without objection
Can the poor of my country find sustenance -
without protection
The phases of the moon shall never cease
The pain of hunger will soon increase
Malnourished toddlers become disillusioned
adults ...
Organized religions are in fact killer cults ...
Copyright December 29 , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All  Rights Reserved
Dec 2020 · 56
The Georgia Snowflakes
Cold weather miracles ..
Unique , frosted , fed up -
entities driven by the cool wind of change
Spanning King George's namesake
Coating the land
Lot to lot
Realigning the governed
Dot by dot ...
Tolling bells
The depth growing ever larger as the -
blizzard swells ....
Copyright December 24 , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Dec 2020 · 70
West Georgia Fields ....
Hopeful as the streams neath springs melting snow
Broken rows teeming with April growth
Old farmers toil in the dog days-
of summer
Churning cracked land recalls the song of the vane
A poem for the plow-land they continually tame ..
Old farmers and their kind grow silent just -
as busy field houses , family and barns eventually surrender to -
the tug of the earth ...
Fighting the pang of winter for all they were worth ...
Copyright December 23 , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Dec 2020 · 159
Gulf Waters ...
Bewitched eyes painted Mayan gods commanding the ochre heavens .. Nautical orbs mingled with starlight ,
Black waters returning to zero at midnight
The cool breath of Ixchel teases the artist , lover and-
the naysayer ....
Copyright December 21 , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Oct 2020 · 58
November Girl ...
I once caught a Winter Dancer from the corner -
of my young , mischievous eye
A spirit wrapped in red , gold and brown garments performing -
against the morning sky
She rattled loose tin
Racked steely chimes
Commanding .. Conniving..
Determined ..Driving ..
Sheets whipping on the clothesline
Hens flying ..
Rabbit dogs whining ...
Hay captured along the fencerow
A quick step march with rattling corn ..
Novembers chilly , early do-se-do ..
A tongue tied raven succumbed to her charms
He made for the sun in her invisible arms
Dancing acorns , whistling sage
They whirled in response to Winters --
wicked ways ...
Copyright October 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Oct 2020 · 160
Petersburg Road ...
Western breezes tell tall tales within sparkling canopies as hardwood and loblolly vie for the afternoon sky ..
The Lamp of Creation highlights a sylvan masterpiece -
with amber , gold and wild rye ....
Rambling yet pertinent ..
Blessed growth cloaked in antiquity ...
Copyright October 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
The dance of the vultures o'er frosted red clay ,smoke swirling in the timid valley , ominous vibes in the winter grass alley ....
In the Principality of the Pulpwood Stumps
A wounded , worried lover's psyche tortured
Misty rain , copious memory hound weathered men and brothers
Barking corporals , leathered skin , soggy dens ..                                     Nutcrackers form a line , stand tall , call cadence then break into attention
Tight , bright , impeccably sutured uniforms crackle in the biting breeze , adorned in silver clasp with pink marble buttons securing slingshot munitions ...
With cherry cheeks a bugler splits the silence
The soldiers load their roscoe's
Keepers of the Grass hurl sweet gum cones
high into the orange eve
Locust spears guard fescue forts and hillside -
Cracked corn funneled into hollow onion stems
The November battlefield looms dark and silent-
as the autumn bulb dims ...
A spiffy locust then proclaims from a tall tree
War is finished for you and me ..
The pasture of our forefathers shall be -
divided in thirds
A share for every mammal , insect and bird ...
Copyright October 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Oct 2020 · 269
A Night on the Dam...
' Fat cats ' float to the top
They skim the surface in defiance -
of gray herons
' Bullies ' alert the swampers of the
Farmers Moon , of the shimmering
robe of Venus , of the blue canopy -
lifted to the music of cicada , cricket ,
katydid and barn owl .....
Copyright October , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Aug 2020 · 80
Follow the Light
You'll find me straddling the -
crescent moon
Ukelele in hand
Working on a tune
Connecting the dots in-
the diamond night
A friendly wave as new souls -
meander by
Setting a course for the ' Heavenly Lights '
Copyright August , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jul 2020 · 74
The Answer
Threadbare in the calculus of love ...
Hopeful as the evening salvo of -
thunder and sun shower
Infant streams that writhe for some-
faraway ocean ..
Copyright July 30 ,2020  by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jul 2020 · 85
The Hayseeds Chalice ...
If this stein could talk
A bevy of tales t'would ne'er-
Pouring like a cold beer in the dog-days
of August
A hot , black coffee in Novembers frost ...
Gluhwein with a cinnamon stick
Cornbread and milk for a -
hard working hick
Holding Cherokee roses
Green onions tickling our noses
Cool water from an old fashioned well
Remembering March's 'yellow bells' ...
Copyright July 7 , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Jul 2020 · 79
God Bless The Luthier ...
Guitars were made for rainy days
To casually strum and pass the time away
Guitars were created for the crack of dawn
Music scored for the stream to carry her burden -
in song
Guitars were made in the night
To pen ditties in the morning light
Wooden instruments striking a chord at -
high noon
Songs of the melodious wind and the-
****** moon ....
Copyright July 6 , 2020 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
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