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helena alexis
18/F    18 year old aspiring writer. all work is mine, feel free to give me feedback
24/F/everywhere else   
Kartikeya Jain
24/M/India    Writer and Poet. Instagram - Kj_musafir
a mcvicar
F    i'm walking past life like i'm driving through acid rain.
Kay Fischabch
18/M/Switzerland    Orginal made in swiss since 27.06.2000 RECOGNISE and REIN
15/Philippines    no matter how much salt you throw, this demon's never leaving you
42/F/England    I'm 42 I'm a mum stopped writing for ages but it has always been there. not a good speller.but now I have too's in ...
Kayla Perkins
20/F/New York   
Miss Honey
California    Sea glass cuts me in pastoral dreams I wish to be peaceful, away from all this
I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. How you love someone and how you talk. Your smile and your ...
23/F/Philippines    She, who bleeds words— and flowers.
Madeline Harris
Elise Jaco
USA    i am a unicorn
16/F/Lives in a box    Harley Quinn nice to meet ya *holds out hand for a handshake*. I really like poetry even though in my opinion I'm not very good ...
Arielle Dawn
20/F/Amsterdam    Better with feelings than I am with words
Gabriel Nicolo
MNL    Just a kid who can't wait for sunday
E Lynch
M/London UK    Beauty is pure. The idea is to be pure too, to see it through! ...Enjoy on my pages some of the top reads poems on ...
Springfield, MO    I hate to write. I love to write. I hate that I love to write. Some days I will. Other days I am disappointed in ...
Mane Omsy
24/M/Dubai    What is the purpose of living? Love and enjoy the time being? Or build your world and perish down the soil?
18/F    I love reading and writing .
Aaron Combs
28/M/Austin, TX    Passion, Music, Love, Motorcycles, and me.
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