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pussy wept Apr 2017
it was like i had just emerged
from the pond that you mentioned.
i don't know how long i was under
and i didn't really expect you to
pull me up
but you did
so here i am
in the garden,
breathing deep,
waiting for the next part of the dream.
pussy wept Oct 2016
clean feet: :clean hands
    not to be ******
no demons/tender lambs
    antichrist (not antilife)

  DIRT--not heaven
  rest upon DEATH
       day 7: depart

separate          from saviours
          my soul hath not "sin"
$ave tithe to $urvive
d    i    e    m  y   w h o l e life
                   perish an instant.
pussy wept Aug 2016
And to dive into the ocean would be less exhilarating
Exhale with no chance of inhaling
Far below the surface, I cannot see
what lies ahead of me, what lurks beneath

Thrashing and flailing and pining for air
Searching for safety--alas, it's not there
Hopelessness conquers the will to be free
Open my lungs and concede to the sea...
of the fear of entering a relationship--the death of the individual as one enters a partnership.
pussy wept May 2016
the most romantic basement i have ever felt

i have been pinned with a red-blue sigh

as scales perceptibly slither inside

nervous magnets struggling to hide
pussy wept Jan 2016
if we were praying mantises i would eat your head
  Oct 2015 pussy wept
A battered heart never beats in tune
A broken vase is never perfectly glued

You break a beer bottle on the ground because
you're mad that the girl won't sleep with you
and you sweep the glass under the rug...
but that doesn't mean it never happened

One day you'll be older and you'll be smarter
and you'll have less of an ego and be more of a martyr
and you'll learn that no means no
and broken means don't try to fix

If you take a leap and love a broken thing
love it for being broken
because the shattered just has more pieces to offer
more pieces to cherish
and more pieces to look at and say hey
"You're not perfect, but you're lovely anyway"
pussy wept Oct 2015
Institution of amory
Certify love with a notary
Tax reasons, lovers with benefits
Who ****** likes this ****?
I do!/I do!
Trends the longing to fleet
For what are we (if not
numbers in love) ?
Two zeros make an 8
Lay sideways for infinity.
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