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Dec 2014
My name is Thomas de Charney
16 years old but rarely play
Father a humble Templar Knight
Pedigree noble bloodline might

Was born special is all I know
For God’s direction to and fro
Shield from danger ab ovo
Reason revealed from His glow

Broadsword and lance, reading abound
Practice and fight til victors crowned
Warrior and Monk seen as one
One and Only Begotten Son

Father taught me the skill to fight
Learn skill to read on parchment write
Knight Templar to be, but then what ?
Fate left to God with no rebut

Then one day Father came to me
Young Parsifal son you will be
Sequestrated as directed
Pushed to excel unaffected

Templar Knight who carries his sword
Doing God’s work for no reward
Beget with specific design
Some day made known I do consign
Father, it’s time we practice, yes—deke the
wield of your sword and parry your blows, and
push myself until all the sweat has left my
body. For I am a young Parsifal soon to become
a Templar Knight.
This series eventually parallels The Time Machine series, where I have released the first poem to that series.    This poem needs to be worked on and converted to Iambic Tetrameter.   Many of the lines are already there  e.g.  "some DAY made KNOWN i DO con-SIGN"

but, I still like it as it, so I'll eventually get there.  

This is a story of a young boy who becomes a famous Templar Knight, but along the way, many supernatural events shine though, as does a girl named Dagung.
Written by
Thomas  Texas
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