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Dec 2014
Aaron: "Hi, I'm Aaron and I'm a (recovering) misogynist"

All: "Hi Aaron. Welcome!"

Aaron: "I wonder how much longer we can **** and pillage the feminine with a clear conscience?"

All: "Who has a clear conscience?"

Crowd: A few raise their hands . . . more than you would think . . .

Gestapo for Good: Furiously taking notes . . .

Aaron: "I don't know what you're gonna do about it, I don't even know what I'm gonna do about it . . ."

All: "You don't need to know, just don't shut out that feeling"

Aaron: "I'll do my best"

All: "Then you are"

Aaron sits down
Bill stands up

Bill: "Hey, hey, hey I'm Fat Albert" *(in a sad clown voice)
An ode to ironing (or straightening things out) . . . you know ~ women's work! Inspired by the Grandmothers and Sharon McErlane and just about every woman and many men that I've known!
AD Mullin
Written by
AD Mullin  ~~ ~ From the Belly ~ ~~
(~~ ~ From the Belly ~ ~~)   
   --- and Kelly Rose
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