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Nov 2014
i can hear them at night
and i can see them in the morning
when the sun struggles to the sky
and it’s rays flicker and dip lower than i’ve ever seen them

everything is so tired

they’re crying and they’re hungry and cold and
lost they are so lost
and they’re everywhere
burning out

there is so much regret

and i think i am the last person
who still remembers how it felt
to love the smell of the ocean
and the feel of a book coming to life in your hands

this is so wrong

right now, this moment, is the only real thing anymore i think
but i wish it wasn’t
because these people are living off their last  hope for humanity

and humanity is taking its last breath

and this cannot be real
and this pain this pain this pain cannot exist
but it is
and it does

i think.
oliviah rachael
Written by
oliviah rachael
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