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Nov 2014
I find myself here again
In an uncomfortably familiar place..
I am standing at Death's door.
My fist is raised to knock;
To beg him to let me in
But the wooden tomb swings open
Before I can change my mind.
It's like he was waiting for me,
He knew I'd come crawling back.
With dark wind ******* me forward,
One thought enters my depleted mind
Before I lose consciousness for good:

The hardest trials I will ever face..
Are the tests of my will against that
Welcoming, open door.
So I step forward to walk through--
To finally end this exhausting misery...
To quiet the malevolence
That has trapped me for far too long.
And my hands find a hold in the chipped, Gnarled frame
And they slam that door shut.
The wallowing endless dark screams insanity and curses and shames me as I lock out the worst part of myself and demand that she never return
N e v e r
R e t u r n
I walk away from that door.
I don't look back.
Written by
   r, Josh Bass, ryn and Adreishka Luciano
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