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Nov 2014
How I got piggy.
Many people ask me how I got my pig, piggy wiggy. I tell them I got him at a farm or a pet shop or from a friend. But they don't know the real story of how I really got him.
It all started on a nice summer evening. The sun was shinning, the birds were tweeting and it was a perfect day for a bike ride. I decided to go bike riding all the way to the grocery store. As I went to the store, I decided to take a short cut through the forest (I've never been there before in my life.) As I went through the forest, I see smoke in the air.  I was frightened, thinking that there was a forest fire near by, so I went to investigate. As I got closer I noticed that it wasn't a forest fire, it was a factory. There was a sign that said no trespassing, but I ignored it because I wanted to see what was in that factory. I was very quiet, trying not to be seen by the workers in the factory. I was trying to see what the factory was making. I started to walk towards a sight that said live animals. Inside that room the was pigs! Not toy pigs, not fake pigs, but real live pigs!!! There was at least 10, but I was surprised. I was happy to see a lot of pigs, because pigs were my favorite animals. I was having fun just seeing them, they were beautiful. I stayed with them for a while until I herd someone coming. I hid my self Behind a shelf of books. I decided to peek a little. I saw a worker go in the room and bringing out a pig with him. I looked at him as he walked to another room. My heart sank and tears started to wheal up in my eyes as I heard squealing of a pig being severely hurt. After a few minutes the squealing stopped and the door opened. The worker came out with a dead pig head in his arms. I looked away as tears slowly dripped down my face. After that, a bunch of other workers went in the pig room and brought out a bunch of other pigs. I started to cry. When the workers went in the other room, I went back in the live animal room to see if there was any pig left. I didn't see any thing, so I slowly walked out of the room. As I walked out, I herd small oinking behind me. I turned and saw an adorable little pig. He looked like a runt, but I wanted to save his life. I picked him up and walked out of the room, forgetting all about the workers. As I was leaving the room, I hear, " hey! What are you doing!? Put that pig down right now!" It was a worker. I ran for my life ( and the pig's life, of course) and zoomed past a bunch of workers who stopped what they were doing and went to go chase me. I ran as fast as I could, and I decided to put obstacles in the way to slow down the workers. I ran past bottles which I knocked down and water spilled everywhere. I looked behind me and saw a few workers slipping and falling. But there were still more workers chasing me so I knocked down some barrels that were in front of me and I turned seeing the workers rolling on the barrels and falling. I finally got out with the pig still in my arms. Good thing there was a little basket on my bike, so I put him in it and rode my bike home. When I got home I gave him a lot of things to eat, a warm blanket and I made him a nice little bed in a large box that I had. I decided to name him piggy wiggy because piggy means small pig and he was a little runt. And ever since then, we had a lot of fun together, I taught him a lot of tricks, I took him every were I went, even on vacation. He Is lucky that I saved him from being eaten and he is lucky to have a special life with me. He is very smart right now to and he knows a lot of things and kind of acts like a human sometimes.Piggy wiggy is the happiest pig alive on the earth.
I love my pig
Derpy Chip
Written by
Derpy Chip  Seattle
   Margar and Harley Hucof
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