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Oct 2014
I see you when I close my eyes
I see you when they're open
And I'm trying not to accept the fact that I won't see you again in person
Everything's lucid
I wish I didn't know it
But you ignore me when I wish that you wouldn't
Life drags on
Though you were only a means to an end
But that end hasn't ended and the means was in my head
I understand what cold turkey looks like
I just wish I didn't have to live it
I wasn't worried when we were together
But now you ignore me and I'm hurting
3 am smells of you now
Of cigarettes and natty ice
Of the strength of your body and the weakness of mine
It's time to go
Back out into the cold
The cold that you wake up to when you go off to work
I know that you're a dream
The idea of you that I have
But in reality I had you
For hours in my grasp
And I let you slip
Because I let you have me
And I'm torn up from the turmoil
That you don't care enough to see
Written by
   Juneau and r
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