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Oct 2014
Done with the past,
Moving on to the present;
Fulfilling dreams
For a successful future.

Life’s not just a walk in the park,
It’s a threshold of obstacles;
My past was not a joke,
I bet hers as well.

She achieved recognitions,
Gained a lot of friends;
Met up with past friends
And even fell in love.

But all these changed
As time passed by.
Betrayals in the back,
A heart break tore her apart.

She was totally lost,
Got nowhere to go;
Just about to end her life
Until hope reached its hands.

Through true friends’ help,
She was revived and changed;
Life went back to its old way
With more achievements to boot.

She had buried the dying self
And brought herself back to life.
As the time had come,
She succeeded in flying colors.

Now, no more of this soul
That lingers in the past.
Now, here she is
At the best time of her life.
This was written after I joined CYA, a religious org in our school. Tells how I was able to get out of my "Great Depression" & of what was in store of me.
Ayelle Garcia
Written by
Ayelle Garcia  Quezon City
(Quezon City)   
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