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Sep 2014
A hero is a person who
has simply done as others do
until a certain point in time
when they step over safety's line.
Then they become something more
than a mere human, and have borne
another person's trial and pain
not thinking of their glory, gain.

A hero's the woman who waits and stays
and watches while the others play,
then takes the drinking people home,
wending her way to sleep alone.

A hero's the teen who looks and sees
a child's kite hung in the trees
and climbs farther than he should dare
to show the kid that someone cares.

The mutt who stays by master's side,
Alerting folks with howls and cries.
He may be cold, have to defend,
But he'll stay with his human friend.

The "Boys/Girls in Blue" this word deserve.
They bravely work. Protect and serve.
Dealing with crime and human woes,
They go where others will not go.

A fireman breaks down a door.
There could be backdraft, but does more,
because the baby in the room
will almost surely be consumed.
He's sustained wounds, and badly burnt,
but the little girl survives, unhurt.

The soldier who's sent to block, defend.
His buddy's met a painful end,
but hunkers down, takes back the field.
'Til the end he will not yield.

Jesus left His Father's home,
went to earth to walk alone.
He endured horrid trial and pain,
He took our sin, He took our shame.
The reason why He was so brave?
So that billions would be saved.

There are many more of us
Who do hard work while others fuss.
The single moms and single dads,
Nowadays parents have it bad!
With no fanfare or applause
work long hours on thankless jobs.
They ensure kids do more than eat.
They can be schooled for greater feats.

And if a person takes the time
to bring some light, to let it shine,
to cheer up people down and blue

well, my friend,

that hero's YOU.

Catherine Jarvis
(C) February 21, 2009
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