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Sep 2014
I keep writing all this sad ****,
About how I love and want and feel.
But every time I finish one,
I feel so ******* pathetic.

So now I'm all mad,
And  I want to write something to the effect of,
*******, you ******* ***** liar you built us to ******* crash.
But then I'm like "That doesn't rhyme..."

You know what though, I don't care.
She ****** up and I can't do anything to help the situation.
I'm powerless here, I can't apologize for **** cause it's all on her.
So what the **** am I supposed to do.

I keep telling myself wait it out,
She'll come back when she is good and ready.
Good and ready with what though?
The ******* *** of thirty ******* guys dripping from between her legs?

I just don't get it.
Can't I at least have a thorough explanation of why you have to make me feel like complete **** instead of,
"It just kinda happened."
It just kinda happened that you could throw away every ******* promise you made and everything we ******* shared?

It makes me sick really.
Cause guess what?
After letting all this anger out in this ******* therapeutic rant,
Now I'm... ******* sad.
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